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Adding on to that idea, some easy first steps could [...]

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Adding on to that idea, some easy first steps could be just setting up Ubuntu Stands at these type of like minded conscious/truth events. (Conscious Life, Contact in the Desert, Burning Man, Transformational Festivals, Etc.) We already know that people are more open minded at these type of venues and building the initial core following for Ubuntu is a critical first step. Then we could reach out to more broader audiences having more credibility in numbers. Just some thoughts.
Cat Sun
Thursday 12 May 2016, 04:22:22
Great Idea I love it! Ready to help when needed!
Thursday 12 May 2016, 05:17:57
Hey Gordon. This is a great idea. My church is having an alternative health fair soon. Of course it is not on the scale of the venues you mentioned, but there will be 60 vendors. I am wondering if you know where I could get Ubuntu literature to distribute from my booth. Thanks for your help.
Wednesday 25 May 2016, 04:34:13
Gordon Cummings
Sounds great Kathryn every person matters in getting the word out. The approved Ubuntu Promotional material can be found at this link…. Let us know how it goes :), there is an upcoming meet up as well Cat is hosting at their house if you can make it June 5th
Wednesday 25 May 2016, 06:53:58
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