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Difficulties encountered in Jamaica in sharing information [...]

Kingston, St. Andrew Parish
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Difficulties encountered in Jamaica in sharing information to help others prepare for planetwide change. There is an inertia in local thinking which is saddening to experience. The Time lag in thinking upgrade may be as much as 40-50 years. How does this compare with other locations on our planet?
i feel you Gabriel, thanks for sharing.. i've had my own difficulties as well- trying different methods in respect to free will, but it can be quite challenging, altho a gift of learning too.. let's see, here in France it seems like it will take 1-2 generations, who knows.. very hard to generalize and foresee what the elevated vibrations and energy will do to those asleep, or what affect a paradigm shift will have on those in a deep slumber.. everybody will have their own unique experience regardless of the outcome and i wish everyone all the best.. i like to stay optimistic
Wednesday 11 May 2016, 23:44:29
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