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Hello all. Anyone from in or around the Yorkshire area [...]

Sheffield, South Yorkshire
via Ubuntu - United Kingdom
Hello all. Anyone from in or around the Yorkshire area interested in joining the regional group? Feel free to join if you are not from Yorkshire but just wish to join the Yorkshire group too as I will be starting some interesting discussions once there are enough members and having more members will encourage even more to join! Here's a link: :///…. Thanks!
Gillian C
Hello recently relocated to Corbridge ☺️
Wednesday 11 May 2016, 17:42:27
[deleted user]
Looks like an interesting little place, how you finding it?
Thursday 12 May 2016, 00:03:01
Michel N
Why don't you issue a press release to news media to find other people who might be interested Col
Thursday 12 May 2016, 06:18:32
[deleted user]
Yeah I should.. Thank you for this suggestion. Do you have any advice for doing so? Not something I have any experience with. Perhaps if I got ad space in local newspapers to begin with to get some initial members, then organise an event and get some reporters involved at that stage for a proper article
Thursday 12 May 2016, 11:03:52
Michel N
Check out a tool like DatSyn can help you and you'll find useful information to move forward - check it out here Col
Thursday 12 May 2016, 13:38:59
Neil Warren
email chain just forwarded to Michel, and hello Col. Voice-skype with a "nearly but not yet" activist who might yet get to full-fat Contributionism, hinted that we might even have to get down to 11,000+ "parishes" before we can truly say "I trust you" again - in a No-Money + No-Hierarchy world anyway. Meanwhile though we are still aiming to work with this website code-originator and contributor, Mat Dowle, to ask and decide what amount and detail of "architecture" we are going to find useful. If you can see this GB YO York (postal zones) one "we" invented and created on what might have been UK Lawful People's Bank(ing) (and alternative / transitional money), you should be a useful future guide to help us each and all show "what works" (and why, with whom else), and what doesn't:…
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 15:17:39
Neil Warren
Try Googling "lawful bank GB YO York zone" too, and then think through what you could verbally tell someone offline to search for, via "Ubuntu Planet XXXX, XX, xx" to find not only you, but your neighbours / friends / family, and the rest of us.
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 15:19:41
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