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Powell River, British Columbia
via The Full Circle Project
Thank you for posting this Doug. We must keep in mind what was said in the video. I am involved in a similar conversation with Matt on how to take care of trolls. We need all the input we can get. Please go to Matt's profile and add some ideas to the conversation.
Friday 7 August 2015, 00:41:24
Helena Cat
I only joined yesterday and have already experienced negativity from people. One of the reasons I came off of FB was the trolls who wreck every group. I hope this can be addressed, but I'm not sure how :/ I think the best idea is to arrange local meets and speak in person as Max created this for, the trolls wont turn up face to face.
Friday 7 August 2015, 09:42:57
[deleted user]
this is why face to face circles are a great idea, how vile they really are....
Friday 7 August 2015, 09:48:07
Helena Cat
Yep they certainly are >:(
Friday 7 August 2015, 09:51:45
Agreed, welcome Helena.
Saturday 8 August 2015, 01:14:49
Helena Cat
Thanks Feral, its so good to connect with like minded folk :)
Saturday 8 August 2015, 13:25:04
Hi Helena Cat, happy to see you are off Fakebook, the NSA spy machine. The particularly nasty sock puppets here are the "persona" software. That is where 1 lowlife traitor to earth controls 10 online fake entities. If you demand an immediate online response from that 10 group you won't get it for a while because it takes the one operator some time to spot the message and switch the software to the response entity. Basically, the global cabal don't like the internet and their best way to control the message is to crap flood everybody with useless nonsense.
Saturday 8 August 2015, 15:17:24
Helena Cat
Hiya, thought my not so different name might get recognised lol. When FB started demanding a profile pic and I just thought sod this!!
Saturday 8 August 2015, 18:02:16
[deleted user]
totally agree Doug, that is a little worry the same will happen on here if we dont get better at spotting the sell out filth!!
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 18:35:05
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 18:35:09
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