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Blankenberge, Vlaanderen
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Translation of the 6/05/2016 article.

Money makes the world go round, maybe not?
Quentin Bruneel is determined to change the world via Belgian Ubuntu-party.
Blankenberge:- Can you imagine the steps getting taken out of the society’s ladder? That the scramble for money stops? That the current 38 hour work week gets replaced by… a 3 hours work week? What seems like an idealistic dream to many, is for Quentin Bruneel a well-structured plan of action. The 35years old man from Blankenberge is determined to change the world and for that he started the Belgian Ubuntu-party.
By Elke Vande Kerckhove

The Ubuntu philosophy comes from South Africa and strives for a society without money, hierarchy or power. Last week Quentin met the global manifestor of Ubuntu; Michael Tellinger. He is the founder of the ubuntu-principle and has already begun to transform a village to the ubuntu way of life.
Not only in South-Africa does Ubuntu find more and more supporters, but also in other European countries the principle is forming itself into realistic goals. The goal is to over the course of time structure society on people tha live in it instead of money. That is why Quentin wants to start this remarkable new way of life in small towns. Then we’re counting on the domino effect that will spread around the world.”
How did you discover Ubuntu?
Quentin Bruneel : “ I used to work in a casino and after that in a Lidle-supermarket, but I realized more and more that my work for Ubuntu was of much greater importance then my work at Lidle. So I resigned and now I’m concentrating all my time on Ubuntu. There are many initiatives that criticize current society , but none of them comes with solutions. That’s why I trust one hundred percent in Ubuntu because the founder, Michael Tellinger researched it for over 11years and came up with practical and achievable solutions.”
Away with money and power, it seems a bit idealistic to me…
“That is a misconception that lives with most people. Ubuntu is another way of thinking, but therefor no less realistic. Our society is based on competition and money which creates hierarchy and power. We need to get rid of that. Ubuntu of course means a radical change but gives for nearly all challenges realistic solutions. The principle is simple : every member of society uses their talents to develop their community. Very important concept to understand hereby is that everyone treated equally. A minute out of the life of a doctor is therefore equally valuable as a minute out of the live of a cleaning woman.”
Nice point of view, but how will that work practically?
“People work for 3 hours a week for the community. That is more than enough not only to be self-sustainable but to create everything three times as much as needed in that community. Every member of society that contributes those three hours a week gets free electricity, food and necessities. One third of the goods stay in the community while the other two thirds can be sold to people from outside that community, but at a fraction of the normal price. In time that will cause a loss of sales in neighboring villages leading to the fact they will have to join our way of life, therefore the neighboring employers will also be able to benefit from free-labor, free electricity, food and necessities. “
Isn’t it only going be the working class that will be interested to start living the Ubuntu way since they don’t have as much to lose? The superrich aren’t probably waiting to give up there fortune.
“We aren’t focusing on the super-rich; they only represent a small fraction of the population. The biggest group that feels targeted more and more, that realizes society isn’t running like it should, will pick up the ubuntu principle easier, are people like you and me.”
Are you following a determined plan?
“Now that the Belgian platform has been created, we took the first step. Next on the agenda was our first general meeting that took place on the first of May in Ghent. First thing we want to do now is focusing on the recruiting of as much people as possible to expand the memberships list. Once we are able to step into the political arena, the starting off with smaller towns becomes realistic.”
Which towns qualify to be transitioned to the Ubuntu-principle?
“If we see that we get towns with big numbers of Ubuntu supporters and get a political foothold in those towns, win an election there, we can start implementing our three-folded principle.”
What do you ask of people that join the Belgian Ubuntu-party?
“We do not oblige people to do anything. Everybody contributes what or how much they can and are willing to do. At the moment we have people on our memberships list that mention they could help out in IT, gardening, translations, whatever. Others just want to sponsor us so we get more and more known. The membership fee is set to 1 eurocent, purely to make a statement. At the moment we are mostly trying to find out how many people are really into the whole Ubuntu principles.”
What will be the greatest challenge you think?
“Most importantly at the moment is to recruit as much people as possible to be able to enter the political arena. Therefor we will need some people that know the political arena. Once we get that ball rolling, it’s just a matter of time before the snow-ball effect take’s place.”
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Cat Sun
Monday 9 May 2016, 17:31:21
Congratulations Quentin on your ability to get media coverage - good work. Also congrats to Michael T on his successful start on the SA campaign - brought tears to my eyes.
Monday 9 May 2016, 18:18:36
Fantastically, Excellent Job You did....Very well said, all that you said....:)) Your choice of words was perfect
....Now there should be a Ubuntu/Quentin/Qba Bruneel Parade...with Flags and Banners, in a small town, in Belgium!!!:)))Why not...
Tuesday 10 May 2016, 06:41:50
Your first statement in the form of a question, was a great opening Statement...:))
Tuesday 10 May 2016, 06:43:59
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