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What is the difference between a state's tax structure which [...]

Yelm, Washington
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What is the difference between a state's tax structure which pays for community projects such as affordable housing. The system that is in place in some states IS where people come together to decide and where their collective resource contribution is to be allocated through a vote.
I'm not sure about the tax structure of different states, but one thing I do know that might be of interest to those folks looking into ways to set up an Ubuntu community is home rule. There are 37 US states that allow communities, towns & cities the right to make their own laws and set up their government the way the people want it. Each state is different so you'll have to read your state's law to see what it implies. It can be used to get out of the tyranny of statutory laws. Take care, however, corporations are wise to the dodge some towns are using to get around fracking and other intrusions. States like
Pennsylvania and Colorado are working to beef up their laws to prevent corporations from their tactics of deception.
Sunday 8 May 2016, 22:51:23
Jeff H
Well first off In Ubuntu it is not a tax. At first you will use the tax money that the government gives to the community to start the projects but very soon they should be generating their on revenue stream, which then uses the rule of 3rd's 1 3rd goes back to keep the existing projects going and to upgrade them, 1 3rd to start new projects, and the last 3rd goes back to the people that are contributing to the community. And at some point you will stop using money in the community all together because the community will be producing everything that they need and want. SO there is no Tax system with in the community.
Monday 9 May 2016, 16:37:56
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