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I want us to take back our world [...]

Galway, County Galway
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I want us to take back our world
Helena Cat
me too!
Thursday 6 August 2015, 11:41:21
[deleted user]
it has turned into a freak show , hope all is
well where you are ?
Thursday 6 August 2015, 11:49:16
Helena Cat
Yes, I just need to lose the anger, it doesn't do me or anyone else any good. Hope you are well. This is a great idea, gives me some hope :)
Thursday 6 August 2015, 11:54:14
[deleted user]
me too, the anger would just take over most of the time, need to take a step backwards sometimes to move forwards . it is a great idea , i hope the word spreads with it as there are not too many people online in Ireland here.
Thursday 6 August 2015, 11:59:13
Helena Cat
Love Ireland I have a friend in Donegal and have visited many times its a beautiful country. Yes I hope word spreads and more connect where you are. I am about 50 miles from London myself.
Thursday 6 August 2015, 12:08:40
Helena Cat
My friend is a JW though and I feel brainwashed
:/ Last time I saw her I finally said what I thought, as in I dont personally subscribe to it, I was called disloyal and she hasn't spoken to me since. Which is sad.
Thursday 6 August 2015, 12:12:01
[deleted user]
Deadly haha .. Yaaa the hills of Donegal ! some place alright it is a beautiful country and i am really upset on how it is being run at government level they should be jailed the traitors , ! it has always been corrupt really. I hope good overpowers evil at some stage and we can make a change around here , I have only ever been to Liverpool in England before, went to a Liverpool match about 3 years ago there , i would love to have been there a lot more but London seems so busy and overcrowded , i bet you have a nice place in countryside
Thursday 6 August 2015, 12:19:19
Helena Cat
Love the hills, its so flat here, lovely countryside but flat. I can't even begin to talk about UK government without going very red and cursing - a lot! How on earth that paedophile protecting t****r got back in I will never know Sad to hear your government also bad but not surprised the world is run by psychopaths.
Thursday 6 August 2015, 12:31:13
one under god [on strike/on point]
I hesitate to post but shane..some amasing things occurred in Dublin in 1996..i must tell you of it sometime..but its not my story to tell..anyhow great conversation you guys ..very interesting,,please ignore me
Thursday 6 August 2015, 12:52:11
'They'' didn't 'get voted back in'...Helena up on George (I own the voting machines) is CO-ORDINATED COMMUNITY that is required IMO...not 'government', per se. Feel for everyone, everywhere...this is global. The biggest 'weapon' they have? Our INDIFFERENCE!! Be safe all, Belle xo
Thursday 6 August 2015, 22:25:09
[deleted user]
I know it is sick how it all comes out after they die so nothing can happen to them , they protect them and take kids from loving families to give to adoption homes , it is criminal tyranny and should be stopped media big problem not reporting it , David Icke was naming them years ago but he does not get asked to go on mainstream media anymore , do go further if you please tell what amazing things occurred in Dublin in 1996 ? if not your story then who ? that was certainly a traumatic year for me , i was 8 years old.. ya voting is rigged democracy never existed most people think it went when they made us '' re-vote'' for Lisbon treaty , what a joke that was but im sure it goes way back further than that , mind control over the masses aswel that watch too much Hollywood movies or UFC thinking that this is normal , when it is all just bread and
circus really and a horrible distraction from the true reality..
Friday 7 August 2015, 01:21:04
one under god [on strike/on point]
happened to a guy called ross Kelly and his wife Elaine..involved an ira safe house that was bugged and an ultimatum to govt..deliverd via the bugs..that set off an amazing adventure..via syncricity events that led around the world where I deliverd the same ultimatum to govt here in Canberra..[as well as 40 embassies and a few security agencies..his part is described in a book ..all for the love of ana..I havnt been able to find a copy of it around but was privileged to read one of the final edits..before the computer died..he then took the disk to india..havnt heard anything since then..but the events need to be read in the context as he set it down in the book..[I know amazing 'co-incidences'.. occurred to me just delivering the having lived a part of the story the rest became more believable..but without the fulkl context of the book it just sounds too weird..for accept in these times..his job apparently was to convince the leaders of two things gods total control..over space and time..and that it was god doing it not us..we succeded..but then let the moment pass..and leaders changed the only thing gained was ira ended their campaign..[or maybe govt did]..these things interrelate..and time muddies the waters a bit..[I met him in 1996..but the events might have happened in 1995....when the book was a leaflet entitled letter to a I say its his story..not mine..and 20 years is a long time..with the exception of ross and elaine..and of course ana..a lot of the story ended up in London..but the dublin event..was its beginning..might have involved a tavern/café/hostel?.. called aunt biddies?..its been a long time
Friday 7 August 2015, 05:36:27
Hi Shane
Friday 2 October 2015, 17:39:11
Im local to you and wondering if people are interested in meeting or just starting a conversation. The FCP symposium from last night is a good place to start by watching what transpired. let me know what you think? Thank you.
Friday 2 October 2015, 17:41:16
Sean Maguire
Is this for a Galway City meet up?
Tuesday 20 October 2015, 02:01:45
Hi Sean, how are you? It can be.......
Tuesday 20 October 2015, 15:03:23
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