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it all seems to be working matt..good work..anyhow.. im off [...]

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
via The Full Circle Project
it all seems to be working matt..good work..anyhow.. im off on the road again on Saturday ..will drop in and visit while on the road..might be using the location of circle members..and seeing who is around me when I go..[im planning out the path of the the hope of the eye people fill the Canberra the new year..for the rainbow gathering..[the prophecy says the rainbow serphants eye opens..and from the center emerge a trail of peace..that links and brings peace wherever we go..but first we need a safe secure base..and that is at my current location..i have prepared the ground there..but we drift in with the crowd..after bring in the new year..and birth the sun..[sovereigns united nation..[as one under god alone]..from Canberra we link up and bring change..where ever the rainbow paths the circle shall decide in Canberra..mens womans circles will pay govts for their services..via the circles shall decide in the new year..thanks again have done a great thing..but this will be the effort of everyone..doing the right planning..[its planned that every 3 to 5 k shall be a safe house..a place to create interrelate..all fibre optics..and iphones..wait till you see what free people can do next year..the future will be made by us circle at a time..bless you the rainbow tribe..keep the circles tight..and remember the circle sits as long as it takes to reach don't fall asleep..we all have a higher calling to keep
one under god [on strike/on point]
i maybe should expand on the vision..we create a new way..via doing the trible thing..and reclaiming our mothers name..[how absurd that we take the fathers name..recall the invaders come kill the men..and force the woman to change the trie names of everything..[so the kids ask what does that mean mother dear..and mothers at best could say go ask your father dear..if we had our mothers name frrom the beginning all would have been sweet..but this confusing patriarchal bull dust..well thats gotto be past..[for us at least] is the vision..every year [in our measure/moon time ..lasts the natural cycle as god intended..not this confusing grgorian calander..stuff..but back into true measure..moon time..but there is so much more..but the one line box is puting me off/but lets go on..i figure we build safe houses out of earth,,that are store rooms.,..,they are acessed by simply logging in to your circle account here..your ohone is the contains your skill sets and all your id..but also is your redit card and a lot more besides..but all you ned is your communicator and we form a cellular network..backled up with a fibre optic network..govt actually pays us to build,,[ok strictly speaking it buys materials and we lay it our free labor..but on the understanding the workers get fre access to it..[se there is a fund long foirgoten..that was put aside but never claimed to build a fibre optic network alternative..i think rudd might have high jacked it for the nbn but the circles will ask..the right wquestions..but again thats only the rough vision..its up to the circles to decide..anyhow the path of the rainbow sephant..slides up to war zones..informs them that peace has is your passport to ride the rainbow trail..[a communications device..abuse it you will be outcast..but use it wisly any damages hurt injury you come accross will pay for its fixing..god want all the children to help in the rebuilding
Thursday 6 August 2015, 10:54:06
Over 7,000 miles away and our hearts beat as one. Thank you my spirit sibling.
Thursday 6 August 2015, 11:23:53
one under god [on strike/on point]
thanks feral..its freat to be in a place with equals..all responding to a shine..on with love..grace mercy self sufficiency and so much more in our hearts..knowing if change is to be it will be by our hearts operating our heal create expess new ideas..comfort each other as we morph into our true being..called to serve higher reasonings..I know im raving..but I have en the vision of things changing..and know the timing is right ..the people thought sleeping have awakend..needing no leaders..knowing if they se it..their here to fix it..they just need a back up system..and my faith ios its here in the circling sa
Thursday 6 August 2015, 20:42:10
one under god [on strike/on point]
sorry about that typing in the dark..went to edit and it poted..anyhow..i woke up this morning recall ing something I read in the Koran..[each nation has been given its own comforter or messanger..I was going to look it up..but I feel just knowing it is enough..we have the cyber realm..its full of comforters..and many now im of seeking the messenger in this the great south land..[also known as ozzzz..or au or austraia..and van die mens land..[meaning of the peoples land] named by my ancestoral [janson]..who took a mob doing ceremony home with him after George warrumpies mob gave them a hiding..a story that never made it into the far as I can tell..anyhow we know the colonisation paternalistic nilist authoritarian bull dust system is bust so ned plan for what is next..and it just makes sense its a circle rather than a cull..but first people ned see the ned..and that time gets we plan for what comes next..we are too busy preparing to bother getting upset..about anything..cause anger in part took us here..but now is destroying itself....we need do nothing but envision tomorrow..where all the best ideals of mankind get restored via the best face we can present of their part in this life story of beasts becoming gods in waiting..that final step of human into humane ..who shall be known by the works we did just because of the love of grace and mercy..via sustain=ability..
Thursday 6 August 2015, 20:56:26
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