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would like to help change the imprisoning system, want to [...]

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would like to help change the imprisoning system, want to connect to others of likemind
one under god [on strike/on point]
there are two link'ss I saved that might relate… and this guy seems to have sorted things out [tim robbins] from the sureshank redemption .. there are likely more links here..[numerous are the times I have written..'set the non violent prisoners free'..and educate then so they can re-enter cociety is the key..[as it is in the 80's the system ended reforming them and went punative.. [as explained by lional lional just today [3/4's way through…
Thursday 6 August 2015, 09:37:37
Most people are imprisoned for non-violent "crimes", or in other words, for not following the rules. Anyone with their own brain still functioning at this point asks, "who's rules?", or "says who?", or "who gave you the right to rule my life?" The best way to change the system is to stop imprisoning people for exercising free choice. To do this simply KNOW that no matter what they haul you in for (excluding real crime where someone hurts someone else), refuse their lawyer!!!! and then refuse to plea. That's it! The court can't do diddly because it is a civil court and by refusing to plea you are attesting that you do not consent to the proceedings, and as we all should know civil court requires the consent of BOTH parties.
Thursday 6 August 2015, 10:43:45
one under god [on strike/on point]
Amanda is right..[but as she called me verbose or a troll..i hestitate to explain why she is right..but you are not your name..your name is the regesterd property of the state..[govt only controls your its creations warrents licences permissions etc that it issues..[see govt is a nonb living entity we greated to enable the corporations to make laws to control its own creations..but the living are god creations ..and we have god given rights..buty govt cets defacto[but uninformed virtue of the maxum ..a berrer is presumed to know for what he begs..[and when your parents applied [apply means beg]..they bound your name to the state..[thus its often written in capital leters signifying a non living entity..[this god given right is firgeited however when we hurt others ..we loose our standing [law has two forms civil and criminal..[civil is contract law..when we sign anything..and criminal is in force once we lost stanfing by hurting other..but I have explained it better in many other places I wil just say Amanda is right..but saterday im going walk I know ..what I am..and am leaving you in peae
Thursday 6 August 2015, 11:13:50
maybe by making laws few and simple (as ignorance is no excuse, but nowadays I'll have to get a uni debt to really know my rights or other sectors). for simple crimes and i agree with people saying 'whats a crime', 'who has the right' and all that but simple crimes you get to go to work yes don't lock them up making the 'prisoners' more crazy or perverted plus it means gov takes possession of a human being, arguably, to seed police culture so that the person in the uniform knows he'll/she'll be rewarded for acts against their own people who are out of uniform. yea get up at 5, breakfast, walk or ride for 30mins or sit in a car for an hour, do the meaningless tasks, have lunch, do the meaningless tasks, knock off depends on your 'crime' i guess, then walk or ride for 30mins or sit in a car for an hour, then go get and prepare your own food - never really get time to yourself all the while separate from any other persons. that should straighten you up. for unforgivable crimes - piss of to an island of no escape, if you want to go murder or rape someone either go their to that island of no escape (ever) or expect and willingly to have that deed done to you, as - do onto others as you have done onto you. anyone by the age of 18 should easily understand then accept the new laws worked out by the great peaceful resolution
Thursday 6 August 2015, 12:12:46
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