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What if we will never free our self out from [...]

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What if we will never free our self out from the greed and fear? What does keeps us from immediate action? Technically we can live in 'garden of Eden' right now in love and compassion with each other.

I was watching old USA comics that of cause mirrors those days actuality more sincerely then official news and history version. I finger out that people was about as much aware about our slavery situation Ore lets say, violent mob in the different forms. And they did as good as they could, protested Vietnam war, manifesting mind drugs was probably attempt to a wake large mass of people(?) free love, Hippie style...

So you can not change the game by violence by trying some how district it. System is proved works even if you make revolution every few years that will be just in hand to spin pyramid of hierarchical violence and psychopathy.

'Hope' is the first some jumped out of Pandora's box and spread the evil to the world. Hope right wrong good bad anything imaginary that prevents you from immediate action coming from your heart and calculated by mind.

The truth is what is and what should be is a fantasy or terrible lie told to people long ago. Strong believe that you “have to” do anything Is that spot where you follow your mind and not the heart.
And If you didn't choose any rules by realization how it serves life, then you serve some one else life.

Well we need to serve each other either way, in order to survive. One way be driven by minds in a mind slavery farm that we live right know ore driven by hearts connected strongly by each others feelings and needs and then everything we do will be in order to serve life and fulfill everyones needs cooperatively. Instead of taking orders from each other we will receive opportunities to enrich each others life. Instead of 'no' tell each other what keeps us from saying 'yes'. With out violence and judgments we will be looking for how to make life more wonderful. How to serve our needs in a more efficient way, keep the balance and avoid mistakes of our ancestors.

So what tools we have got in order to create new society with out leadership of a few Ego?

NVC- nonviolent communication 'Language of life' is a basic serving life necessity.

Time Banking - that is a liberating tool for people who already awake, it is a size of people together that determine power. Few thousand TB numbers means comfy small community to live with nice social atmosphere. But imagine if a million people share their skills to serve live utilities.
That group would be more officiant then chunk of people who compete, hustle against each other.

People go where life is better and if monitory system serves life they will do that so long.

So there is billions people on this planet and me just discovered two missing puzzles NVC and Time Banking.

I would like to read about rest of billions missing puzzles of the life that we want to live and that deep in our hearts we know it is possible?

Share your puzzles, share your dreams, occupy your mind with thinks that you love and take those first baby steps for all of us together.

You need to get your body and mind in the top shape in order to keep calmness and change social climate around you, from getting sucked in fear, greed and imaginary right wrong. To awareness about each others presence and life-hood. And look for what would serve life? Regardless all labels, judgements, rules, norms, morality, titles... As long as everyone have smile on the face you know you on the path, to wards 'garden of Eden' and when we sin, miss the mark then we suffer 'hell' and everything happening in a present time. So peoples smiles is a compass that you can use in order to get directions. Sin according to professional God lovers is something that they write in the book and if you do not obey you will be punished.

But punishment and violence do ore cause harm, is a sin that sinners do, because they get lost in imaginary reality and take that seriously. 'Serious' is a symptom of madness. We need sincereness and sensitivity.

It is not the darkness of the dark, but bright light of love in our hearts scare us most. It is like walking from the cinema ore other dark room out side in to a shiny day light, It is painful to open eyes even a little bit. We all are sleeping angels, beautiful butterflies in cocoon maturing waiting for our time to hatch.

The time is right now as always. What do you love? Do that.
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