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What's being done about Agenda 21 in Texas? "Code Enforcers" [...]

Katy, Texas
via The Full Circle Project
What's being done about Agenda 21 in Texas? "Code Enforcers" armed with thousands of ordinances per city being used to circumvent civil and constitutional law and bring all human activity under UCC Admiralty Law, a.k.a. the law of the se, Maritime Law. Don't mow your lawn = pay a fine or go to jail. Collect rainwater without a permit = pay a fine and go to jail. Too many cars on your property = extortion/jail. WTF???
Helena Cat
Yep it has to be one of the worst places to be at this moment, I
feel for Texans
Friday 7 August 2015, 10:05:52
I get letters about my grass...they go directly in the trash. Mark Passio and Dean Clifford are versed in law which has helped me in dealing with and understanding legal
Friday 16 October 2015, 20:29:30
michelle m
wake up wake up where ever you are.
Friday 23 December 2016, 21:34:30
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