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Bon noche amigos! Is the world still saveable? [...]

Plymouth, Plymouth
via The Full Circle Project
Bon noche amigos! Is the world still saveable? We can but try!

I just joined, what's happening?

Anyone around Plymouth, UK, wants to meet up give me a shout.

Nice one
rrr, thats the spirit, but try we shall
Thursday 6 August 2015, 12:20:01
...Hey ed.....well...if you want my opinion...'where there's LIFE...there's HOPE'! Remember that mankind has been conned...and far more than...deliberately, with malice a forethought, into believing that we occupy a 'certain societal form'...the 'window dressing' on that is in The whole game was stacked against Humanity...for several thousand years. we are...discussing, precisely that issue. It may be a PITA but it is PROGRESS of a sort...and we have to accept WHAT has address it and ensure it never happens again. This whole deal is eons old...and we are just WAKINGTHEHELLUP...CONNECTING to others who share your sentiments...just cannot hurt. Hope you get a lot of 'shouts' in Plymouth... a hearty Hiya Bro from safe and be aware. Belle
Thursday 6 August 2015, 22:44:20
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