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Sad to see this the best that the brave American [...]

Nantwich, Cheshire East
via The Full Circle Project
Sad to see this the best that the brave American veterans who are homeless get, after they've been used and tossed aside with no government help…
shows how they're just as disposable on the battlefield than out of uniform.. c'est dommage.. i think all these vets need to assemble together with help from anyone else to expose this side (why not more while they're at it) of the inhumain mentality of the gov't- hopefully getting some better financial compensation in the outcome as well
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 09:43:55
Your so right, if they would all get together and convince the now serving military to quit, that by showing themselves as to what the government really do to them when they are no longer useful to fight their agenda , maybe all this useless fighting could be over once and for all, I can't see merkal, Obama, Cameron, Netanyahu and soros and the rest of them putting on the uniform, and shedding blood they are so eager for .
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 09:57:44
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 09:57:52
What about all the people those Veterans killed? One of the biggest hoaxes is that there is some nobility in being a veteran. A veteran is a government
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 10:38:02
Opps- government's assassin. There is NO GOOD REASON to kill another human except in self-defense or protecting a loved one.
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 10:43:27
i feel you Amanda, you're right, but these people need help, not just cast aside.. they need to be deprogrammed from their conditioning and be allowed ways to right their wrongs.. maybe even a sponsored trip to the place they fought to do some community service there.. I'm sure most were unaware they were fighting in wars based on lies.. in a sense, soldiers are just like a tool, you can only blame it so far, like a gun, who is to blame? the gun or the person behind it? indeed, there is no good reason to kill and there shouldn't be any positive regard for that.
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 18:17:18
I'm sure the retired servicemen do look back and realise the mistakes and decisions they made probably because they thought they were doing what was right by their brainwashing whilst in training, but everyone deserves a home and not to become a number , here in the UK they are putting spikes in the shop doorways so the homeless can't bed down, and in Manchester, you could be arrested for feeding someone who is hungry,…
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 18:57:53
wow, no kidding!? arrested for making a choice from the heart?... that's insane. it looked like there was more than just soup in that video ;)
Thursday 5 May 2016, 22:58:26
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