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From Jolie Diane of The Worldwide Civilian Action Team. INTERNATIONAL [...]

Casares, Andalucía
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From Jolie Diane of The Worldwide Civilian Action Team. INTERNATIONAL CALL-IN ACTION to stop Geoengineering / Weather Modification. (with updates to follow and documents to be made available)…;

Dear Friends,
We are super excited for today’s first Worldwide Civilian Action Team ACTION! Below are the details - we actually just added another country today - Brasil - so that’s 14 Please take 2 minutes to CALL-IN MONDAY MAY 2 + email, and then share this Action Widely with Friends - ESPECIALLY those concerned about protecting our environment!
Thank you! XO, Jolie

Please join us Today, Monday, May 2nd, for our very first INTERNATIONAL CALL-IN ACTION to stop Geoengineering / Weather Modification. Activists from 13 Nations Worldwide, are working Together to protect our planet and humankind: So far, we're Australia, Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, New Zealand, UK, and the USA.
THE PLAN: Pick up the phone / send an email, and use
OUR VOICES to put our elected civil servants on notice.
RE: The Aluminum ‪#‎SRM‬ / ‪#‎Geoengineering‬ “footprint” showing up in our professional rain and snow analysis lab test reports.”
This presents a serious environmental and public health and safety issue -------------> for our Representatives to deal with.
It is incumbent upon the STATE, to protect our Environment and the safety and well being of the PEOPLE who live here.
In the US, the Toll Free # to Congress is 1-866-220-0044.
(Please add to your list of contacts)
To be connected with your Representatives, give your zip code.
To send an email to your Rep goto:
Even if you are outside the US, you can still call and send an email
Use zip code 94901 for San Rafael, California
District 2 Jarred Huffman
Office Contact:
Logan Ferree - Senior Legislative Assistant (202) 225-5161
- Toll Free -1-866-220-0044
We do not need to spend any more than 30 seconds on each call - Please be polite and stay on point - the staff who answer have no opinion or knowledge at all - they are simply keeping track of the number of calls.
Thank You for All You Do, and for Being the Change. Worldwide Civilian Action Team…;
crap, found out about this too late.. the fb link doesn't seem to work.. did they remove it?? is this still an on-going process? i'm in france and ready to call in and try to let the people know about it here too... that's funny you used the San Rafael zip code- my parents are living there! is it too late for them to ring in or email? i dunno if they would anyway- they don't really believe in geo-engineering
thanx for the post, hope yesterday was a success!
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 07:57:07
I've been making inquiries on the incessant spraying and have found out NO ONE has any authority to regulate the ICC (Interstate commerce commission). This is in the US but if all western cultures don't have the same, I'll eat my hat. So beg away to the politicos- they can't do squat. We have to stop paying the buggers. How many of you fine folk are still paying taxes?????? Consider yourselves supporters of chemtrails. How many vote??? You are voting for this slave system. Stop believing in and stop financing this ridiculous creation.
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 10:29:01
YES! Thank you Amanda. Why anyone votes these days is beyond me.And, what is the use of protesting in the street either? I do not know what we can do, but voting or marching in the streets is futile - they take not a damn bit of notice. They are not decent, truthful or courageous, those who are being used to make slaves of all of mankind.
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 11:25:23
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 19:13:45
Elentari/Amanda- yea guys feel free to offer solutions, i agree with y'all but at the same time what do we do instead?? I've seen some of your comments over the past few days and i'd love to see more positivity and ideas to build on.. do you have solutions to be immune to taxes? yes, if we pay taxes and have a bank account, we are helping finance psychopaths who are war criminals contributing to ecocide, etc.. nothing new there- give us some alternatives to this... i don't like to vote, but we're still stuck with the results right? what do you guys say to people who still believe whole-heartedly in this bs illusionary system? if you only offer them your aforementioned statements, you better supply them with knowledge and solutions to empower themselves in these situations.. i hope i didn't come off aggressive towards y'all, it's all love, i'm just trying to orient you guys towards solutions, not just state the problems that most on FCP know about already.. i don't know it all myself- few people might, but we should know enough by now to focus on curing the problems, not just keep criticizing them and pointing them out..
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 21:12:26
Well, AYA as I've posted on here umpteen times I don't pay taxes or utilities using the Cesta or Cestui Que Trust to deflect the greedy ones. I have an open suit of contract fraud against the STATE I am hunting down ways locally to shut down a cell tower. I have looked onto whom, if anyone, in the Gov that can actually DO ANYTHING- about 120-135 hours on the phone, regarding chemtrails, ELFs, SSI, and the legal system. I have spent 12 years on the case I have and have offered to share my findings with folk here and with any I meet, as contract fraud works for anything the Gov can throw at you. I grow my own food and am getting off grid as quickly as possible. I talk to my fellow beings and introduce ideas that are common on this site when I see an opportunity. I let no human command me and I am responsible for my world. So what do you do to change the paradigm?????
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 10:33:15
Ive looked where your location is Amanda, I would love to live off grid, grow all my own produce, etc, unfortunately here in the uk we are all boxed in , small properties with ridiculous prices , no where to sustain a decent amount of home produce , and no climate here for anything reliable to grow, I also contact local government authorities to complain about geo engineering, the use of weed killer the local council uses in my street, etc , I run my own business , so I don't work for the machine, but we still have vat returns to do, I agree with awakenyamind, you seem very quick to point out other people's posts and criticise them and the people who make these posts, after all isn't part of the website? I hope you can understand not everyone CAN live as you do, but we all trying our best to get as far as we can to leave this matrix we are in , so peace
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 18:45:52
I agree Gaynor here in the UK it’s very hard. I have recently moved to the country to get away from the polluted city. I hope to start growing but have to have a pot garden as no space (no garden). I am trying to go offgrid but it so hard to get out of the system and surive. I hope to get growing and produce at least something. My plan once I have finished styding is to raise some money and buy some land and setup a statiainable farm (amongst other things). Studying part-time and running a family on minimum wage is shockingly hard and there is NO support!
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 19:31:22
Exactly , it's so hard in an ideal world we should all be living like the to show, "the good life", back in the seventies, but in reality we can't, my dream is to get down to Cornwall, at least the weather would make it feasible , I feel for your struggles and hope you achieve your goal, it's like that saying, we shouldn't live to work, but work to live ! ❤️
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 19:42:56
Amanda, thank you very much for all the efforts you've made! seriously, my hat's off to ya.. had no idea you did so much! very impressive- i never doubted you didn't have solutions or what-not.. i do not assume or call someone out that i do not know.. my apologies again if i rubbed you the wrong way and i can understand your frustration in general.. i was just trying to encourage you to give a little more carrot with that stick if you know what i mean.. we can learn a lot from you, and i'm sure more and more will listen to you better with a more positive attitude.. generally speaking, we are all here on FCP for the right reasons, we are in this together and for the most part we are all relatively on the same page with what's really going on.. hence, let's build off of what we know with positive reinforcement while fine tuning our knowledge and keeping up to date with info.. i thought FCP was created for like minds to collaborate on ideas and solutions, mostly from local community levels, but also avoiding the "above top secret" type of forums that seem to create tension between members.. everybody has a part they can play in this new paradigm, wether big or small.. i'm still trying to find a more effective ways to make people aware to this- in respect to free will.. i do not do as much as you, i've learned a lot from you and have been quite inspired- respect!.. so what do i do for the cause? quite a few things, but there is no need to fall into comparisons.. but real quick tho; i make orgonite, colloidal silver, support local organic agriculture, plan to own an innovative eco restaurant, and i try to expose the truth of course, among other things... i've also inspired hundreds, if not thousands of people from my music mixes i've made intentionally to raise the frequencies for the new paradigm of peace love and prosperity..
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 19:43:14
Lovely, AYM, also use the colloidal silver, cbd oil, no infections for over two years yay!, thinking of getting organite pyramid, what's your thoughts? Also heard of the benefits of making a pyramid (wood), for the garden for meditation, look like a prat but who cares! Listened to freeman fly, he uses magnesium oil (spray on body) to eliminate affects of the spraying , love to hear your music, please send a link, we would all love to hear it, and thanks Amanda for all your hard work , love to you all x
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 19:50:50
Yes cornwall is good and I actually lived down there for a few years and still have a lot of conections down there. I for variouse reason ended up up here int he north west. I want to move aways before the collaspe but cornwall is an alternative is thing get bad before I can move. And yes there is a big community down there ;)
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 19:52:38
AYM yes this is it we need to share ideas, but for those like stuck in the slavery it so hard to break out but small ideas help. Communities are growing and this is what we need to work on, once we have people it’s easier to change our way of living. But in the UK it is hard (also the US) but people are just no aware enough here YET! I have so many plans but fincially can only thing of that weeks food let alone bills and this is the dilemma
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 19:57:25
haha, i think we are far enough off of topic- sorry Lula.. i haven't made pyramids, tried ordering one, but never came :(.. interesting about the wood.. i heard about concrete and sand pyramids- you can look up old lab rat on youtube, he seems legit.. ohh, some music, i'm mostly a jazzy hip hop monkey, but it's good stuff, thanx.. i actually wanted to post this after you let Bruce loose
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 19:59:45
right on 333, it doesn't seem much easier here in france.. but little by little, things will progress- gotta to keep optimistic, even against the ticking clock..
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 20:13:23
The hundreth monkey !!!
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 20:15:02
As for chemtrails huge huge amount going on in lancashire at the moment on a scale i’ve never seen before! Soory I missed the cival action but good luck
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 20:16:23
that's it my monkey man!
but that sucks, a lot of chemtrails around Marseille all day here too
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 20:52:12
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