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Hi to everyone. Just as many of you I'm here [...]

Zagreb, City of Zagreb
via The Full Circle Project
Hi to everyone. Just as many of you I'm here to give this a try. I've long been aware that the state the world is in, whats going on infront us is a crime of unspeakable proportions. But honestly I admit I lived inside a bubble where I just took most of ith for granted as something that was, is and always will be. However after the birth of my son everything changed. As cliche as that sounds its true and I'm thankful yet at the same time terrified with the way I now see this world. So heres hoping I can help somehow however small i changing the world to truly be a better place for my son. Because the way it is and to where it is progressing ever fasterit isnt looking good for any of us let alone our children and following generations.
hi andrew if the world actually taught more about there kids and grandkids i think we could change it for the better.good wishes to you from an irish dad
Wednesday 5 August 2015, 18:22:59
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