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Hi all. I have just joined this group and I [...]

Tamborine Mountain, Queensland
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Hi all. I have just joined this group and I live at Mt Tamborine. Just wondering if there are any regular meetings being held at Tweed or anywhere else?
Yes, organising now.
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 13:44:03
None in the Tweed that I am aware of, but am only new myself.
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 22:36:55
Happy to organize monthly meetings if you like Kathy, what days would you be available? Weekends would be best for most members.
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 23:39:22
Kathy C
Hi guys. Yes would be nice to get together and meet each other and see where everyone is up to. I am pretty free weekends during the day.
Thursday 5 May 2016, 02:17:53
Hello everyone, I was physically on the Sunshine Coast, however, have moved back further south. Am in Murwillumbah Library presently, online and wanting to connect with other like minded souls. Is there a meeting set up in the not too distant future? If so, would love to hear about where, when etc and connect. Sincerely Kim
Tuesday 7 June 2016, 04:06:08
Kathy C
Me too.
Wednesday 8 June 2016, 07:20:42
Kathy and Kim? Thats great. Well ladies happy to announce we will be beginning our meetings very shortly and if you are both interested, can do it as soon as next week. What I want to do on a more consistent basis is online meetings twice a month to keep all members in touch and share the projects which will be available. Would love to meet with you all in person first over a coffee how's that sound
Monday 20 June 2016, 09:03:58
Hi I'm staying in Brisbane north and would love to get involved in any meeting or community projects that are planned . Please let me know or if any one is keen to start something new
Tuesday 15 November 2016, 19:50:30
Sorry guys, have been off the air a bit and lost track, Ryan, am interested in online meetings, so much easier as it saves the additional travel time that has to be worked around. Am vey keen to swap ideas and get some new info I can work with. Take care all.
Wednesday 16 November 2016, 20:32:35
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