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Germering, Bayern
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The plan of action, as Michael built it for South Africa. In Europe the free electricity must be replaced with something else because electricity is not a real problem. The question is what could be that thing the community should build together and provide for free to all members?
One idea in my opinion would be free organic food, the whole range of it, grown locally by the community itself or procured from outside, what is not available. Three hours a week for all the food we need in the best quality is a great deal for anybody, and I believe it is easily possible. What is your opinion? Any other ideas?

I would challenge you to discuss this plan, the weak and the strong points together on a skype.
i think the electricity applies to western ( Europe )country's as well. let me tell you why with a Belgian example... about 6 months ago there was an article in the newspaper saying Electrabel ( biggest supplier of electricity in Belgium ) didn't have to pay the Belgian government 2 billion in taxes... ( what?? why??) 2-3 months after that, our prime minister came on television saying... we are short 3.2 billion in taxes this year... I mean, if they allow big corporations that provide a whole country of electricity and make HUGE benefits out of it for there shareholders, to not pay taxes... that should exactly be a point Ubuntu can take em on about. If we could win elections on a local platform here and cut ourself lose in that community from that mayor corporation, providing electricity for that community will defenatly have to be a first step we will have to work on. i agree with the point the same model won't/ might not work everywhere, but it does feel electricity can be the mayor tool to implement Ubuntu, even in the west.. As Michael learns us, in the end its all made to keep there system alive and running, so how can you create independence for your community? Electricity is a pretty obviuos choice, even in the west, where the prices for electricity are really skyrocketing at the moment. add me on skype : quentin.bruneel1 is my skypename, willing to discus this deeper with you in unity and resonance, Q. <3
Monday 2 May 2016, 01:17:15
Hi Quentin, you are right in all aspects, but to the usual person that is not very obvious. My point is that the electricity is relatively cheap and stable - I pay usually less than 50€/month, it would be hard to convince me to work 3 hours / month only for that. On the other hand the obvious will happen and the governments will increase the taxes on electricity as it will be more and more needed (e.g. as the electric cars will be more popular) as they currently do with oil, therefore having independent energy is always a good idea, as you say. Anyway, each community has to decide for itself what is at best, they can also combine more options.
Monday 2 May 2016, 18:17:59
agreed ( off the record - we ( my gf and i) pay 117euro's / month for electricity :s )
Monday 2 May 2016, 18:44:18
Wow!... that is something. How do you manage that? I used to pay 75€ as long as my provider was E.ON (very government related, if you understand), but when I switched to a normal, good one it went down to 40€ and I buy exclusive "green" electricity, they promise it is 100% from water. Maybe it worth searching another provider. On the other hand I am even more convinced now that the free electricity for community can be a good idea :)
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 19:55:15
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 22:56:13
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