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Hi! peace and abundance to all! Just to let you [...]

Merchantville, New Jersey
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Hi! peace and abundance to all! Just to let you know what I"m up to for sharing purposes and let's see who's doing what and see if we can start or contribute to a little something-something:-)
So, I started germinating my seeds (herbs) and have some buds popping up. A Horticultural lamp helps- but not totally necessary. The proper container, location & care is your ticket. From those batches, going to make some concoctions for shampoo, lotion, soap, cleansers, deodorizers, cooking & smoothies. Essential oils (plants) rock! for your own cure-all goodies, I'm still studying all you can do with plants and it's A LOT. I"ll just say this: the plants will 'give it up" to you every time. Totally beneficial in multiple ways. Got my sewing up from the basement & doodling around with it when I stumbled upon all the you tube videos on it, I"m getting to know my machine to start making things. Fun pants for the summer comes to mind. Curtains. Throws, pillows. yea! A food dehydrator; If you're growing your own foods, you know you can get a lot of veggies sometimes and if my neighbors don't want any of my zucchini for example, dehydrating is great for storage or in my case, leaning towards the raw. I know we live in unpredictable times so I have "storage" on the brain. I think it's good to have a couple weeks worth of water, food, basics, solar lighting. I wish I could clone myself so I can do more; carpentry stuff is just beckoning in the basement workshop. So that's my my 'goings on" and please comment! Anyone need help? 'Whatcha' got going on? Love to all! PS: I just shared my essential oil online study with someone who perked up after hearing of all the good things you can make with essential oils, aka: Pure plant serums and I can share it with you too. It's a start. Email me if interested.
Deleted User
Kat you are the THE BEST
Monday 2 May 2016, 10:48:18
Chris B
I'm with you Kat, how did the meeting on Saturday go? Maybe the NJ circle should get together, getting organized as a group seems to me to be a good next step.
Monday 2 May 2016, 22:30:48
[deleted user]
I can email you the link with the audio. DO I have your email? It was very nice, all things are cleared and people are needed with skills to do whatever is needed to be done. First thing is to register Ubuntu in the USA. There will be an outreach to see who come forth with the legal skills to handle this. Michael spoke very well as usual, we got to ask our questions. It was less than 2 hours.
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 01:05:58
[deleted user]
whatever you can bring to the table, email Starr and she will connect you with the people that are launching that effort.
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 01:06:34
[deleted user]
I volunteered to do outreach and help with the festival coming up in Vermont but I'll do anything. Funds are a huge issue right now.
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 01:07:30
Chris B -
What's Starr's email? Thx Kat
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 11:17:47
[deleted user]
ok, sending the link(s) of that conversation in a bit. Starr:
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 14:51:02
Deleted User
Kat L you are the best :)
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 18:44:35
Chris B
Awesome, I'll email her tonight
and get the ball rolling.
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 22:57:23
[deleted user]
I will also ask if you can be in on the upcoming web call we have. I have other people reaching out to me and I want everyone on board so we can move as one body with all our particular skills. The first thing is to register the party, that is being organized as we speak but I don't have all the details. Talk soon! highest frequencies! Starr may send you to me, I don't know, She sent someone else to me as I'm doing outreach now. Have you read the Ubuntu Book yet because its all in there. If you don't have it I can send you the Ebook I have. Things are buzzing!
Thursday 5 May 2016, 18:53:12
Chris B
That would be great to be able to get on the web call! I did reach out to Starr and she told me things are progressing but they are not 100% setup yet, she asked what my skills are so I need to respond to her and let her know. I do have the book and just started reading it, also I just started watching "Hidden Origins" episode 1 (still need to finish it) season 2 which gets into the Ubuntu movement (on, highly recommended.
Friday 6 May 2016, 20:23:06
[deleted user]
yes, true we are starting from the ground up, the first thing is to get Ubuntu registered as a political party. Getting a legal team together is a delicate one.
Saturday 7 May 2016, 00:19:40
[deleted user]
there are many moving parts coming together. People with skills, people that want to get working on changing our world. This is a special time I think for humanity. have a nice weekend and Family!
Saturday 7 May 2016, 00:21:42
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