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It is important for the Ubuntu movement to spread the [...]

Lapu-Lapu City, Central Visayas
via Ubuntu Public Relations
It is important for the Ubuntu movement to spread the message also in the news media - a great way to do this is to syndicate press releases and news articles to syndication tools - Discover how DatSyn can help the movement to get the word out to the news media - check it out here
Michel N
Looking for Ubuntu members to organize an effective way to organize the public relations for the Ubuntu movement. Get in touch if you are interested to help - thank you
Sunday 1 May 2016, 08:48:42
Neil Warren
I had hoped we were building a GB (UK) based version of People's Bank with self-managed profiles and postings, which I got involved with from September 2013, here, Michel:…
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 11:34:25
Neil Warren
Still working with Mat Dowle (main coder - host - volunteer whole COEO site), so your feedback on what, if anything, you see in any of those Thrive-style sectors, including "Media", much appreciated / very valuable.
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 11:35:47
Neil Warren
There's another "branch based" example I included on the /info page (although Anna has her own profile), here:…
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 11:37:29
Neil Warren
I have a lapsed / nearly dormant LinkedIn profile, YT = Google+ profile, Facebook (working hard since Roger Hayes shut down LawfulBank Jan 2016), and I do have a twitter account somewhere, just found the whole user-base even more shallow and silly than the above - I could be tempted to re-start as part of a team though.
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 11:40:04
Michel N
Hi Neil would love to help you get the word out - do you have press releases or news articles you wish to share with news media?
Thursday 5 May 2016, 07:51:33
Michel N
So let's do this Neil
Friday 6 May 2016, 01:53:11
Neil Warren
Really good 20min voice-skype with Mat Dowle just now, Michel, with the intent that we all get to see and experience each other not only saying but also practically doing everything. He's prioritising a directory of projects, but made lots of notes about improving onsite communications between us, which also work better on whatever Google Inc / Bing Inc is going to evolve into, and hopefully also coding for bigger / better and format-able (bold, with pictures etc.) panels, maybe in "Forums" 12-sectors, that we can and do also use. Bear in mind he's one man, one day a week, today. I'll have a go at copy-pasting in my (email) "letter to America", next panel:
Friday 6 May 2016, 13:02:39
Neil Warren

Neil Warren <>
12:17 PM (45 minutes ago)

to starrmackinnon.
Hello Starr and co-creators.

I'm picking up on you here:…

And the easiest way I can advise what I personally am all about historically at least, is here:…


The best part of 40 years in UK based business publishing, including 33 as a director / shareholder / owner / operator / independent entrepreneur, and including emails since 1999 and an interactive website for "articles" and "readers" and "advertisers" since 2006, has taught me a LOT.

That 1979 - 86 was for the accountancy / finance / banking professions, and 1986 - 2014 was for the sales profession, including how that "works" in America and in banking and financial services of course, including as a "consumer" and "customer" of same, has taught me a LOT MORE.

So if I was a fair-to-middling "warrior" for the slave trades, what use can I be for us freedom loving folks? I have adult children and a recent grandson, so am quite motivated, shall we say.

My passions - areas of interest:
Life. All Life. All Eternal Life. Life as Energy. Life as Matter. The Uncertainty Principle of Life.

My skills - how I can contribute:
Translate "sales management" into "helping teams of people to communicate, understand, agree and trade with each other" and that would be my ambition there. Includes making the coffee.

Translate "media" into "wanting to help the world make the most of any contributed communication medium, hardware, software and of course people", and that's my hope there.

Translate "Justice, Economics, Governance" etc into "hard personal and family learning curve culminating in having our freehold property in Dunstable, England, stolen by banks, courts, police, state, politicians to minister level in January 2014, leaving me-us homeless and without £-income or tools to earn", and that's my take on that.

Translate "fascination with science fact and fiction lay reader" into "nice to see direct energy being used at 9-11, only can we do it peacefully now" and that's a snippet of that side.

Translate "Committed Atheist / Agnostic seeking the missing 'o' in God" to "A hard core Universal Animist" and that's the best I can hint at there.

Translate "Married a BP National Portrait Award Finalist-level Artist" from "Otherwise a clutz who struggles to draw a straight line / stick man", and that's that.

Any missing jigsaw pieces, please slide into the "Jack of All Trades, Master of a couple, and a right nosy parker anyway" pigeon hole.

Thanks - and who are you?

I have also been voice-skyping, while compiling this, with Mat Dowle of and subset, to try to ensure that:

a) We all agree best we can how our web presence evolves / we co-create it

b) We then each and all demonstrate that agreement / synergy by using whatever, to maximum effect.

One "teaser" link I'll offer is that (Judge) Anna here, with her $279Trn-worth ($1,000,000 a head) refund for North Americans, built and used her profile because I asked her to:…

They are her own words, which evolved from ones she type-posted online with us back in 2014, in panel 13, page_1, here:…

Please look up Dave Mack Bank Fraud website on the American side for a real LOAD of information that is applicable worldwide for the most part.

If you think its bad in Britain imagine what it is like here, where the "President" of "the United States (Minor)" has infiltrated a huge private commercial mercenary army onto our soil?

Obama, acting merely as the "President" of a French commercial corporation calling itself "UNITED STATES" (INC.) a franchise of the International Monetary Fund, which is an agency of the UNITED NATIONS CORP. standing under the protection of the United Nations City State which we allowed on our shores-----has bought BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition and no end of war supplies and equipment, has set up Nazi style internment camps all over this country, and employed a million man army here under the guise of them all being employed by "legitimate" government "agencies" dba FEMA. "Department of Homeland Security" and so on.

Not only are they falsely claiming a material interest in us and in our homes, but they are overtly offering to murder us, too.

The bankers owe the Americans a LOT of money, so they figure they will kill two debts with one stone. They've taken out million dollar life insurance policies on every American man, woman, and child. They plan to avoid paying us back and make a million dollars per head on top of it.

In reply, we've established hellaciously large commercial liens against them and "fully informed" the "agency" personnel that (1) Barack H. Obama is the "President" of the United States of America (Minor) -- a group of "American" "States" more normally thought of as the federal territories and possessions---- Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, et alia, the so-called "Seven Insular States"--- and this "US government" has been parading around claiming to "represent" The United States of America (Major) --- the now fifty states of the real American "union" of states, abusing our money, running up our credit cards, stealing our identity, and committing crime both against us and against everyone worldwide. and (2) Obamma acts as the "President" of a corporation (see above) merely calling itself the UNITED STATES.

In his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the "US Forces" he legitimately commands the Puerto Rican Navy and whatever security forces are endemic to Guam, et alia. Any order he may give requiring "martial law" has exactly the same legal standing as such an order declared by the President of Holiday Inn.

THAT is how crazy it is over here. The rats have really gotten everyone including themselves into a major pickle.

5700 tons of gold (most of what was stolen from our Grandparents back in the 1930's) has been stealthily exported to China over the past 20 years by the god-awful "Federal Reserve"---now the Chinese are using that resource that rightfully belongs to us to bootstrap a new "gold-backed" currency.(Only 20% will actually be backed with gold--- the rest as usual with these crooks will be backed with promises and hot air.)

Even with the whole world knowing what these bastards have done, what do you think our chances are of ever getting anything like restitution????


As Neil says, about the best we can hope for is to recognize the parasites for who and what they are and flush them down the Crapper while retaining what is rightfully ours anyway.

It has been a helluva ride so far and not looking any happier on this side of the Pond.

Just through you should all know what has come to light over here and be prepared.

Your own Lords of the Admiralty are up to their snooty butts in the crime of the century. It was Churchill and FDR who concocted the worst of this as a means to be able to conscript men into the armed services and a means to control and slave-drive the industries and workers during World War II. Problem is, after the war, they never re-tooled and never changed back. They just claimed us all as "chattel" backing their government corporation debt and have worked us like animals ever since.
Always interested in law, banking,and sincere friendships.
Share·Report·June 28, 2014 11:07 pm
Paul Liversuch, Neil Warren, Chris Parkin and 1 other person likes this.

My personal position is still homeless and penniless since January 2014, and I'm doing my best to help the world get rid of the Money+Hierarchy shackles / prison / slavery, whilst retaining the best of our known and unknown inventions and innovations, as fast as I can. I'm also in regular communication with Andrew Johnson, for example (profile built and some Forum revelations and updates, again at my request):…

...and who has been working very hard, for over a decade, with America's finest Dr Judy Wood. Therefore put these together (in your head at least), and-or how can we best progress making that real for the woman in the street?


The other voice-skype I'm actually paused in the middle of is a skype-profile called "edpenguin", who I know as Paul Hesling (or English), and who also is on the brink of getting a tried and tested 20KwH HHO-based generator out there (or here = British Isles, at least).

And my intent is for us in Britain to "transitionally self-fund" that as well, en route to showing Money+Hierarchy that theirs was a flawed business model, from the get go, whenever that was (see Ancient Babylonian guided tour with Michael T).

Lot to take in - sorry - hope it helps though?


Neil Warren <>
12:22 PM (40 minutes ago)

to Michelle, Sean, Adam, ad.johnson
For our informations, if nothing else just yet / today...

Neil Warren <>
12:51 PM (11 minutes ago)

to Mat, Ray
As well as skype-type integration, email as and when (messaging already there, I know).

Thanks for your time too Mat.

message from "skype-voice edpenguin" also being that as soon as we want and can use UbuntuPlanet-Internet-Radio, he'd be happy to "oblige / quote", which led me to counter suggest that he thinks long and hard now about building and using his Real Name (COEO at least) profile. My last claim to recorded "fame" was here:…

ad.johnson is Andrew Johnson = Mr Free Electricity GB DE Derby zone of parish branch networks, international: And yes, Michael has a copy of that book too! ;-)
Friday 6 May 2016, 13:03:18
Neil Warren
The "Ray" we can see in the second forwarding of that email above, is the same Ray Savage sitting in the front row "left" as we look from behind, having organised the offline Newry Ireland and London England offline efforts of Michael, just gone:
Friday 6 May 2016, 13:10:04
Friday 6 May 2016, 13:10:12
Neil Warren
He also has a profile on here with us, and if you, Michel, can add to our co-creation efforts by finding and connecting and showing him this and us, that too should improve our effectiveness and evolution, do you agree?
Friday 6 May 2016, 13:12:13
Neil Warren
See "Live Chat" update just posted with Mat and others too (new option lower left on my screen), but which I predict will become a "blur of positive energy posts" moving too fast to be of use, if "all the world" starts using the "whole site". Excellent app, nonetheless, when also re-applied to ongoing "local" communities, e.g. a "small town" like this blueprint:
Friday 6 May 2016, 13:20:17
Michel N
Hey Neil - We can communicate through e-mail for document sharing etc... - my e-mail is - Cheers
Thursday 12 May 2016, 06:16:01
Neil Warren
I'll copy you in to a sample one (chain) I'm on, Michel, but please note that we really MUST build everything back into and on our COEO platform here, as soon as possible, which includes somehow freeing up Mat Dowle from his £-slave-work, and I "feel" at least somehow also giving us all "co-ownership" of the bit at least, which must "spread" to any new recruits too. Not "tampering with Mat's code", so much, but more "I own my profile page" at the very least, and thus everyone more keen and committed to get our secure servers Contributed, buildings in which they exist, power supply they use, and so on.
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 15:01:21
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