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Nice to see numbers building up here, its so cool, [...]

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Nice to see numbers building up here, its so cool, I have managed to get a few people interested without putting the pressure on, i wouldn't do that, people have to make up there own minds, hasn't stopped me planting a few seeds here and there tho
yup, plant the seed, let em think on it, then come back and there open for more currently my system as well ;-)
Saturday 30 April 2016, 00:05:35
Saturday 30 April 2016, 12:37:02
Neil Warren
Fylde local comments for more.
Sunday 1 May 2016, 12:58:20
Carolyn K
It's awesome to see the ground we are making! Keeping the faith that we will win is my mantra:) And even having the website up when I'm at work gets people asking " What is that?" Then the flood gates open:)
Sunday 1 May 2016, 14:21:28
Sunday 1 May 2016, 18:45:21
Monday 2 May 2016, 10:50:23
Neil Warren
Keeping a focus on your engineering skills, Steed, you might also want to check out "Irrefutable" via FREEENERGYEXISTS.COM, all designed to help the undecided to decide, and then "action" how, with whom, is the bit I'm also working on.
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 12:21:15
Deleted User
Spiro P Ubuntu Planet
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 14:35:55
4884 miles away
I have the answer to build a sonic resonance device. I just need some help. The trick is the metal and the coupling. The frequency is about 27 million hertz.

This post sort of got lost in the haze. Perhaps if you could make contact Steed with Spiro B He is in Greece somewhere or perhaps you can look back to find the post on that date.
Wednesday 4 May 2016, 18:47:51
Neil Warren
Mark Passio was shown to me via a Lifting the Veil fb group, Janet. Here doing "The dark side of Tesla..." and itemising the sonic resonance experiments:… - gets us back to Steed enjoying the FREEENERGYEXISTS.COM link and Dr Wood and Andrew Johnson.
Friday 6 May 2016, 13:30:22
Neil Warren
Note also that Andrew helped John Hutchinson here build both the first (hijacked / hacked) and this second website, John being the "best known / still alive" sonic resonance and anti-gravity practical experimenter / doer / proof offering:…
Friday 6 May 2016, 13:33:09
Neil Warren
"Hutchison" (no or one "n") = my bad. Floating cannon ball coming up:…
Friday 6 May 2016, 13:36:06
Neil Warren
And see also American Antigravity for quite a slick looking "marketing" effort, but via which I have seen precious little progress over the 2-3 years I've been aware of it-them:…
Friday 6 May 2016, 13:38:08
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