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Any South Africans part of this community? [...]

Kempton Park, Gauteng
via The Full Circle Project
Any South Africans part of this community?
one under god [on strike/on point]
every one who came here is in the list revealed in the right hand colum..I tried one and the notification of my message never left the ircle..then I got into the circl;e and noted 7 replies that down sized to 2 by the time the page fully opened ..wether they were deleted who knows but we will know them...[by their fruits]..and so the fruit tastes bitter..or it may just be un-ripe..but im getting ever more sure its a honey trap to bring in judas goats
Tuesday 4 August 2015, 22:12:50
Wednesday 5 August 2015, 06:14:52
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