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Hi friends , if you can, please sign this petition, [...]

Nantwich, Cheshire East
via The Full Circle Project
Hi friends , if you can, please sign this petition, British or internationally…
signed- non citizen
Thursday 28 April 2016, 09:39:33
Thank you x
Thursday 28 April 2016, 09:40:04
Signed they make me sick bloodsuckers they are
Thursday 28 April 2016, 16:23:22
Thanks Jason, apparently one top polition has resigned because of Chris's petition !
Thursday 28 April 2016, 17:15:28
Begging the wolf to spare the sheep.
Just don't pay the greedy buggers, stop buying their useless shit, grow your own food and get off the grid. Petitioning the government is like praying to god, you subjugate your power to some concept of superior authority.
Friday 29 April 2016, 11:12:02
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