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"I am not interested in any of that. I meditate and study on my own and at my ashram. My only interest is in contacting the main office rep and asking for guidance which i think everyone should do and seeing what feedback you all have. For me the only purpose of ubuntu is to make projects so as to make a yield we all want mostly. This is no different than a regular business endeavor. My only interest is that which requires business skillsexperience, risk taking, full time commitment to project roles, definition of business models, calculation sheets, etc... We should take our guidance from the main office. SA Ubuntu Contributionism Coordinator.
Starr MacKinnon, please contact her at
I do not equate the ubuntu movement with anything more than business models to give us abundance and stop being slaves."

Lawyers will be needed to ensure all projects are legally compliant with statelocalnational regulations. You are heading into regulated territory and if there is any lack of compliance then finesjail timelegitimate lawsuits can occur so this is no different than entrepreneurship except the labor force are volunteers and being compensated in goods or services other than money. Check out my other posts where i discuss a standard, project management distributed telecommuting business model operating electronically across different geographies. We don't have to be in the same city to work on a project or time zone but it is easier. I have been project lead on a few information technology school projects and it is not fun when people don't co-operate but when they do and believe in what they do then it is your project as much as everyone elses. Like they say in the navy "Its your ship".
May you win the local elections in SA and lets see what obstacles you encounter making free electricity. I am sure you have planned this out and your business model , if successful, will be used acorss the world.
Tuesday 26 April 2016, 14:04:52
mail info to please, tyvm :)
Tuesday 26 April 2016, 14:09:37
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