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we are about to get the global carbon-tax..its in the [...]

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
via The Full Circle Project
we are about to get the global carbon-tax..its in the TPP and the TIP...that many govts have already signed into its too late to really stop it..[and obomber is talking it up..and the pope has refuted its any real solution..but the fact is he has ben roped too into the banking-cartel grand really its case closed..[on the tax]..built on huge science colluded fraud..[just like the sin taxation on smoking was built on lies so too is the warmist thing… it its any comnsolation once the globalisat tax thing is in ..the media will allow the issue to just fade away..but cant you see that the base of all life is carbon..every living vthing you see is carbon..never the less we shall be carbon free 100% in one hundred years ..just like the mon..and mars they too are 100% carbon based life free..just like the demons like it..hell of course wont be allowed realisation..but that's the other location not this..this is CLIMATE_change ..I just gave up on it in the end..congratulations to all the usefull I dots who stopped acting locally to get the money hangers new taxation regime in ..yes win win ..till you whine and the other TPP measures get in…
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