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Anybody knows about that big economic clapsing very soon! It's [...]

Reigate, Surrey
via Ubuntu Planet
Anybody knows about that big economic clapsing very soon! It's the biggest one in history and it's gonna kill the 80% of the population in the world! Anybody have an information?
Allison D - UBUNTU USA Education Ambassador
Hi Arro, I know this has be a prediction for some time now - although the population statistic is new for me. Wrap love and light around this prediction - and envision planet earth in white light - we are the creators of the dream. <3
Sunday 24 April 2016, 17:03:04
and You "Arro" is the change you have been waiting for. Unity Consciousness, and Unity in the community. Get started sharing the good news with your people. Direct them to the connector, book, and talk with them.
Sunday 24 April 2016, 17:19:11
I knew all of that but the fact is the people are on top they don't like this and they can repeat the history again. I've done a lot of research about currency and history of money and stuff and I don't have good felling. They call it wealth transport. If currency collape witch is will collapse, everywhere will close the doors and half the population of the world witch already their income is under 1 dollar I day will die, straight away. The one who clever and have gold and silver will servaive longer.
Sunday 24 April 2016, 18:41:15
I check there is over 600 currency's start is with letter A in alphabet and there is over 400 start with letter B and this is just start and all cleapsed. Do you think dollar and poud is only one will stand for ever after all That? I don't think so and they are just waiting to choose the next president which will be the miss Clinton.its been a centry and lots of country warning already and getting prepared and then a big war. Ww3
Sunday 24 April 2016, 18:46:06
Jeff H
Arro, DO NOT give in to the FEAR, hold the vision of a world that you want the one of the Ubuntu Vision, Do not give negative vision of thing the power to become reality. Remember WE CREATE REALITY and if we hold the good and not the bed we can manifest the good.
Sunday 24 April 2016, 18:54:03
Jeff is absolutely right, be a catalyst for a positive REALITY. Embrace UBUNTU as the method
Sunday 24 April 2016, 19:04:00
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Sunday 24 April 2016, 19:14:31
I understand all but it's not fear it's information it's depend to you belive it or not because I'm just putting the seed it's depends to you gonna get prepared or forget about it. It's gonna happen and whoever is have the knewledge, they can put the self into a right side of it if not nobody can change the fact.
Sunday 24 April 2016, 19:36:43
It's not negative I'm just giving information the only think can help to get out of it you need gold and silver coins if you just save your 10% and change it to gold and silver and hide it from sides.
Sunday 24 April 2016, 19:38:48
I understand what you are say and think its good to help inform other and raise consciousness about the state of the present world economy. UBUNTU philosophy tells us that you won't need any coins because we believe in "Contributionism". Help us raise awareness to this belief.
Sunday 24 April 2016, 19:52:40
don' falter and stay farming! you can't eat coins for dinner! be afraid and do nothing and you will suffer. helping others with love and you will prosper with contributing.
Monday 25 April 2016, 03:59:08
Monday 25 April 2016, 12:46:38
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