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Hello, fellow seekers of light - I have just discovered [...]

Milwaukie, Oregon
via SotR - United States - oregon - portland
Hello, fellow seekers of light - I have just discovered the circles that are available locally & worldwide. I am interested in possibly working with at least 5 others to help clear energy vortices here in NW Oregon & participating in any other activities to help support love & light on this planet. I am planning on participating in Sunday global meditations to facilitate change and the upcoming event. Would welcome any conversations/connections with others.
Hello, we can come together for the event to occur as the antos possible. Hugs light.
Sunday 24 April 2016, 13:11:47
merrymarcie have you found what you are looking for? I would really like to join you to help the impact on energy of these activities. Sending you and all on this page love & light.
Tuesday 31 May 2016, 23:04:09
I know this post was months ago, but I just joined. I am a Light Warrior and would love to spiritually protect any meditation.
Thursday 15 September 2016, 01:49:16
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