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There are no projects in miami. I am sure there [...]

Miami, Florida
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There are no projects in miami. I am sure there is a way to start one in a city among decentralized members i.e. no local community. Telecommuting allows for decentralized projects but it is good to start first with a solid local initiative. Perhaps the first decentralized project is recruitment but the 13 deliverable yield would have to be electronic or delivered. What can we all work towards to obtain something we all want? hmm. Please get your brains rolling and work with me. My skills are IT, art, literature, writing, yoga, etc...
I study and practice hermetic and vedantic philosophy (ancient Vedic civilization). I have worked on many work and school projects.
Please state your talents and interests to coalesce said project. Our talents baseline will steer our projects. Utilization of technology is key and I is how modern business is done via the project management model. I HATE being a SLAVE though even if i was rich I would still be a slave, because once the money is gone live on the street, so the fear of being homeless is never solved and that is what is means to be a slave which is to live in fear of the friendless thing called money. I am not against capitalism but John smith wanted people to use their surplus cash to help their fellow man, but the rich just hoard because money is like a drug; you just want more to assuage the fear.
Elena C
I totally agree
Sunday 24 April 2016, 02:59:47
Well some ideas: Promotional UBUNTU video (if you are good at it maybe goes viral); some very interesting and informative panflets (not promoting ubuntu as the premier goal, intead we put it as secundary goal, the true objective is to informe people, good inf that does not appear to often in mass media, example: 1% of population has 50% of all worlds money, in 2012 this 1% was 160 people, in 2015 was 60!
Sunday 24 April 2016, 14:58:34
Becouse I think information is what's going to liberate people's minds from this ilusion
Sunday 24 April 2016, 15:00:50
Elena C
Yes people need to be educate. Knowledge is power and no one can take it away from you
Sunday 24 April 2016, 15:13:13
Sunday 24 April 2016, 15:15:36
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