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very interesting read about the chakra systems and correlation/relation to [...]

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very interesting read about the chakra systems and correlation/relation to the densities of creation:::::

Within the system of chakras known best by this instrument, there are seven chakras and each of them is a part of the energies of the body.

The red-ray or root chakra deals with issues of survival and sexuality.

The orange-ray chakra found in the [area of the] lower intestines deals with the relationship of self to self and the relationship of self to people around you on a personal level.

The yellow-ray or solar plexus chakra deals with issues of groups and the self. If you have married your mate, for instance, that energy has moved from an orange to a yellow-ray vibration. Family, work environment, your relationship with groups such as churches and other communities, all have the characteristics of yellow-ray work.

The heart chakra or the green-ray chakra is the first chakra at which there is the possibility of energy transfer and it contains that energy which this instrument calls Christed or that energy of unconditional love. The green-ray energy system is the springboard for the remaining chakras of your body.

The throat chakra or the blue-ray chakra deals with open communication and inclusivity.

The indigo-ray or brow chakra deals with issues with work in consciousness. If you are a person that enjoys meditation, for instance, you are doing indigo work. If you enjoy walks in nature, the reading of inspirational materials, or work in visualization, these are also indigo-ray works.

The remaining chakra, found on the crown of the head, is the violet-ray chakra and is a simple readout of your system-wide rate of vibration at a particular time.

Altogether, this chakra system is not only yourself in the unseen realms, that self that came to incarnation and that self that will leave incarnation with you. It is also your identity as far as energies and essences such as we ourselves are concerned. When we look at those who are sitting in this particular circle of seeking, we see not your physical bodies but the rainbow of your chakra system. Each of you is completely and utterly unique in your coloration and your energies, and that readout, shall we say, of the rainbow being that you are in time/space identifies you much more accurately and completely than your name or the way you look in space/time or consensus reality.

This system of space/time and time/space, outer and inner self, is who you are at this moment in your incarnation on planet Earth. It carries with the chakra system all that you are as a citizen of eternity and infinity. At the same time it carries the very ephemeral and transitory energies of your physical body. Your physical body was born and it shall pass through the gates of death and be no more. Your metaphysical body or the chakra system will travel through the gates of death into larger life with you; and in terms of your own experience or consciousness, your consciousness will not know any stoppage nor will it cease in its being for an instant at any moment during the death process. When you leave this incarnation, you shall be leaving what we would term a third-density incarnation. And that brings us to the discussion of the densities.

The densities repeat at a macrocosmic level the chakra system of your body.

The first density is equivalent to the red-ray chakra. It is the elemental density of earth, air, wind and fire. It is out of this elemental red ray or first density that your planet was formed and that your body was formed. The elements within your body vibrate at first density.

First density is interpenetrated by second density, and the denizens or inhabitants of second density are governed by that energy which seeks growth, movement and light. Second density includes the plants and the animals that are not self-aware. The world of nature is the world of second density. Neither first nor second density is at all or in any way separate from the love that created it and so all aspects and each iota of first and second-density entities and essences have a full awareness of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

Third density, however, is a density in which the inhabitants are veiled from that primal, instantaneous and instinctual awareness of this love and light. It is not obvious to the inhabitants of third density that there is a Creator or that they are one with the Creator. The third density is inhabited by those animals of second density that have become aware of themselves. If you gaze upon your pet you will notice that the entity that is your pet is not self-aware. Without self-consciousness it goes about its life.

You, on the other hand, are endlessly self aware. You are always looking into yourself, asking yourself what you think, how you feel and who you are. You are aware that other entities are looking at you and you can become self-conscious and create all manner of concerns having to do with how you are coming across to other people. Second-density inhabitants are never troubled by concern as to how they are coming across. You, on the other hand, are self-concerned.

The third density is a density which is veiled from direct knowledge of the one infinite Creator in order that you may choose the manner of your being in perfect freedom. The Creator, in creating the universe which you enjoy at this time, wished to know Itself. And you are the sparks of that Creator which are going about the business of getting to know who you are. The harvest of this observation, with its processes of learning and realization, are the gift that your life will offer up to the one infinite Creator at the end of your incarnation.

That harvest is your crowning achievement. All that you have thought and felt, chosen and decided become a system of thinking that has a coherence and exists as a vibratory essence. It is this that remains, not your personality, not anything to do with your physicality, but this very bouquet of thoughts and feelings that you develop into the self that you are. This is your highest achievement. So it is very valuable to yourself in terms of the process of evolution of mind, body and spirit that you are engaged in as a seeker; that constitutes your basic vibration within third density at this time.

It is interesting to note, before we move on to fourth density in our discussion, that your third-density world at this time is giving birth to its fourth-density self. The Earth or Gaia is exhausting its third-density identity at this time. And in unseen realms interpenetrating with the third density planet, or Gaia, is a baby Gaia. It is being born full-grown and is swimming into coherence with the inevitability of the striking of the clock upon the hour. It is time for fourth-density Earth to be born.

We are happy to say that the birth is going well, and the baby is alive. The challenges that you experience in your third-density planet at this time, having have to do with wind and weather, are the birth pains of third-density Gaia as she adjusts her rate of vibration in order to bring forth the fourth-density Earth in both its space/time and its time/space aspects. At this time, however, it is a time/space phenomenon and it will not become a fourth-density space/time entity until the third-density inhabitants have been thoroughly cleared safely from the planet.

It is worth noting at this time that the planetary evolution is separate from your personal evolution from third density into fourth density. And one of the reasons that you were so happy to come into incarnation at this particular time is that it is a challenging time for your planet. Your heart went out to the planet as it entered this period of transition and you hoped to be a steward and a lover of the planet itself in that you may help it to achieve a soft landing, shall we say, into fourth-density beingness. When a planet changes densities it is then time for the entities that have had incarnations on the planet also to choose the manner of their beingness. So you are, as a third-density being at this time, in an incarnation at the end of which you shall be given the opportunity to graduate from third-density experiences into fourth-density experiences.

The person that will decide whether or not it is time for you to move on into fourth density with your planet is yourself. Upon your death you shall walk what this instrument is being shown as steps of light, each step being of a slightly fuller vibration of light than the one before it. There is a quantum break between the top level of third density and the lowest level of fourth density. At that point the light changes in its nature. If you are comfortable with fourth-density light, then you shall continue walking up those steps of light into fourth density. Wherever you stop is where you shall find the manner of your beingness when next you take flesh and incarnate.

If you remained within the third-density range of levels of vibration, then you shall need to move to a third-density planet elsewhere in order to continue your learn/teaching, your teach/learning, and your process of seeking. If when you stopped walking in the steps of light, you were standing in fourth-density light, then your next incarnation shall be on planet Earth as a fourth-density being. There are exceptions to this statement into which we shall not go into at this time. In general, this is correct information.

Fourth density is a density which has been called the density of love or the density of understanding. In fourth density the lessons of love will be explored. All of the thoughts of all of the entities within a fourth-density planet are known to each other and work is done in groups rather than being done singly.

The fifth density is a density which has often been called the density of wisdom.

The sixth density has been often called the density of unity. It is a density which explores the balance between love and wisdom.

The seventh density has been called the density of foreverness. In this density the energies of spiritual gravity begin to take hold of you as a spark of the Creator. The Creator shot you forth into first density with the understanding and the knowledge that within an infinite reach of time/space and space/time you would once again be drawn up into the Creator completely. The seventh density is the density where you prepare for and then go through the final stages of return to the one infinite Creator.

At the end of this density, it is as if you have entered a black hole, and, indeed, the physical black holes that your scientists have seen are physical aspects of this metaphysical process of spiritual gravity and the return of all that there is into the heart of the one infinite Creator. The end of this density system has been called by this instrument the “octave” because she is a musician and sees that when the seven tones, or colors, of creation have been completed there is a return to the original creation of the Father, as this instrument would put it. As the Creator’s heart beats, shall we say, the entire process begins again. It is an infinite cycle.

The Creator is endlessly curious.

Now, each of these densities take a considerable length of what this instrument would call time. Your density, the third density, is the shortest of all densities, being a bit over 75,000 of your years in length,[2] and if you are familiar with the study of astrology, it is equal to the age of three of the signs of the zodiac. You are now ending one age and beginning another. The age of Pisces is giving way to the age of Aquarius. This 75,000-year cycle is called a density of choice.............."

note: i copied and pasted this from a larger text which can be fully read here..…
i resonate with this, it just seems to make sense even tho i've yet to fully understand...
Yes the chakras are incredible I used them in my Reiki. Look up the kundalini tantra book an amazing read
Saturday 23 April 2016, 16:57:14
Wednesday 27 April 2016, 10:21:41
[deleted user]
Thank you for this description, AYaM. if I may add a note regarding the 4th dimension, there's a realm of lower 4th D levels, where entities dwell without a physical body and in general these levels are called astral levels. It's this place, where unawakened beings can be present without the awareness of love. Be it after leaving a physical human body in sudden death, or for other reasons. They can choose Service to Self and feed on energies present in the 3D level. Usually there's a contract between a human being and an astral entity, with both having to work out issues.
Knowing that you're familiar with The Law of One, I guess you've read about the nature of that realm, for Carla, the woman who channels Ra, is visited by a higher dimensional being coming from Service to Self.
Thursday 12 May 2016, 15:49:52
indeed, thank you Peepastinakel!.. especially digging to find this post.. much appreciated.. yep, you sound well informed of all this which i'm not surprised yes, i've read about these entities from, yep, the same link i sent you yesterday.. haha, did you read the books yourself? Carla has been very special in all her work up until she passed.. reading through the numerous sessions we come across moments where Ra's connection/channel with Carla is hi-jacked by these service of self beings.. i don't recall an actual visitation now that i think about it.. this quote comes from that L/L research library actually, channeled through Qu'o..
Thursday 12 May 2016, 17:31:13
[deleted user]
I did read the Law of One, lil by lil, as you say, ha ha. It's now 7 years ago that I found the V books and I'm halfway through Book IV now. I'm fortunate to have found training for psychic awareness and use of the intuition in a beneficial way, for oneself and others. Chakra-healing/reading that sort of thing, since 1981. Holland was swarmed by teachers once the 90's arrived. It came from Berkely California Lee Bostwick and consorts. There's a lot of curricula regarding energy reading and usage of the energy system, since the first zero point in time with human awareness as company. Fun is, that only now, since 2010, all these teaching have sunk in and found grounding in myself. Hence my focus on sovereignty and that old adage "Know thyself". Hello world, I have arrived ** **
Thursday 12 May 2016, 19:55:05
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