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curious facebook seems to be deleting my posts regarding a [...]

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curious facebook seems to be deleting my posts regarding a topic I replied to at waking times..[concerning the 'reality'..of some rug induced fairies seen under dmv..[or some other new age if your on it beware the system wants you on it..badly much so its deleting this reply from facebook

so lets ignore what they do..and do a I do/did for the 3 rd time here

the question was are drug visions real..the simple reply is we make them real because such is the gift god gives to his co-creators ..…

but just because we see it as if its real..don't mean its really a true reality..only that we give it reality for us..[think of drunks seeing pink elephants]..yes their seeing pink elephants [or drug induced fairies..but they are only figments we gave reality to..much like other big pharma is there for healing us not controlling us..or that govt is ..there for you not their big business mates..or that science=gods..or that news papers are there to inform us not sell us on the latest distraction ..or redirect us via gossip instead of thinking..reasoning..or deduction/induction

its a shame really that the links don't give a a short quote from the next one..."" it is a state of mind. The Christ Mind wills from the Soul, not from the Ego, and the Christ Mind IS yours.

You, too, have a Kingdom which your Soul has created. It has not ceased to create because your ego has set you on the road of perception. Your Soul’s creations are no more fatherless than you are. Your ego and your Soul will never be co-creators, but your Soul and YOUR Creator will ALWAYS be. Be confident that your creations are as safe as you are. The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected, and the ego will not prevail against it. Amen.''..…

anyhow next quote/then link ..."" As God’s creative Thought proceeds FROM Him TO you, so must YOUR creative thought proceed FROM you to YOUR creations. In this way only can ALL creative power extend outward. God’s accomplishments are NOT yours. But yours are LIKE His. HE created the Sonship, and YOU increase it. You HAVE the power to ADD to the Kingdom, but NOT to add to the Creator OF the Kingdom.

You claim this power when you have become wholly vigilant for God AND the Kingdom. BY ACCEPTING this power as YOURS, you have learned to be what you ARE...''…

next ..""why attack MUST be relinquished entirely. If it is NOT relinquished entirely, it is not relinquished at all. Fear and love are equally reciprocal. They make or create depending on whether the ego or the Holy Spirit begets or inspires them, but they WILL return to the mind of the thinker, and they WILL affect his total perception. That includes his perception of God, of His Creations, and of his own. He will not appreciate ANY of these if he regards them fearfully. He will appreciate ALL of them if he regards them with love.

The mind that accepts attack CANNOT love. This is because it believes that it can DESTROY love, and therefore does not understand what love IS. If it does not understand what love IS, it CANNOT perceive itself as loving. This loses the awareness of being, induces feelings of unreality, and results in utter confusion. Your own thinking has done this, because of its power. But your own thinking can also save you FROM this, because its power is not of your making. Your ability to DIRECT your thinking as you will IS part of its power. If you do not believe you can do this, you have DENIED the power of your thought, and thus rendered it powerLESS in your belief.

The ingeniousness of the ego to preserve itself is enormous, but it stems from the power of the mind WHICH THE EGO DENIES.…
one under god [on strike/on point]
interesting the article has comments..but mine are in a box..isolated ..the other comments briefly flash up before switching to my comment..alone on the clearly its being screwed my facebook my twitter and who knows what else is being screwed im over the lot of it..the underwriting thing is serious but until I see it on the news seems a non event..good luck with September and all over it..good thoughts make their own luck..but those paid to watch me better begin looking for another job..this gig is over..good luck and all that..
Sunday 2 August 2015, 03:57:38
one under god [on strike/on point]
the la=test version ..we well know of the awakening..and are guided by many sources..[that got us this far] now there was meant to be many dead..but just like those schemes came to too the next one don't war worry..just stay in the love zone..[we are after all eternal spirits re-gaining our joinder with godhood....the harder the test the more sure the reward

my posts are being deleted from facebook..but so what we are many..and the course is sure..some notes after I called on my guides..revived my faith the so called dark side cannot win..just stay in the zone of grace mercy at peace..

they are so predictable..and repeat the same errors…

Three Ages of Buddhism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Three Ages of Buddhism, also known as the Three...…

•it is a shame the easy path wast rejected..but expected…

Bodhisattvas of the Earth ..await..trimming seems to be everything


Ceremony In The Air - Pooja Ruprell


SGI Library Online - The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism

The Writing of Nichiren Daishonin and Dictionary of Buddhism published by Soka Gakkai, japan.


“The Life Span of the Thus Come One”

chapter: twenty-seven important points | OTT | Nichiren...

1. “The two Buddhas,” or more precisely two kinds of Buddhas, refers to the Buddha of the physical body and the Buddha of the Dharma body, and “the three Buddhas” refers to the three bodies of the Buddhas, that is, the Dharma body, the reward body, and the manifested body. While some Buddhist doc


The Life Span of the Thus [be]-Come One

CHAPTER 16The Life Span of the Thus Come OneAt that time the Buddha spoke to the bodhisattvas and all the great assembly: “Good men, you must believe and understand the truthful words of the thus come one.” And again he said to the great assembly: “You must believe and understand..truth/love gracemercyfor eternity..


Benefits of the Teacher of the Law

CHAPTER 19..Benefits of the Teacher of the Law

At that time the Buddha said to the bodhisattva mahasattva Constant Exertion: “If good men or good women accept and uphold this Lotus Sutra, if they read it, recite it, explain and preach it, or transcribe it, such people will obtain ..the keys..will be ready to unlock..many budda's..see youir greatness oh suns of de*light

Sunday 2 August 2015, 10:56:41
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