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We need your support to continue operating and growing to [...]

Lucas, Kansas
via Ubuntu Planet
We need your support to continue operating and growing to spread the UBUNTU message.

Like every aspect of society today, our ability to continue operating, growing, and spreading the UBUNTU philosophy, is controlled by money. While we are still trapped in this money-driven society we need to use money to free ourselves from the money. The administrative pressure on Louise and myself has become immense and we simply cannot cope with all the work on our own. While volunteers have been a great help from time to time, it is not a lasting solution. We urgently need to upgrade our office and facilities and bring in highly efficient people to help us grow and coordinate the many diverse activities that have evolved around us.

OUR Most urgent needs:
Daily and monthly expenses in the UBUNTU Office
Upgrade of basic facilities
Printing materials and other consumables
Distributions of printed materials in South Africa
Travel expenses
Community projects - the launch and daily management
Salaries for new staff that we desperately need to hire
Political campaigning - Local Municipal elections 2016
Support of UBUNTU Party Candidates in 12 Municipalities = around 52 towns.
Sylvia, i believe in you and Ubuntu! your work is that of an angle that is here to help all others. strong and determined with a focus for what is the answer to all of our problems. money makes mad men! we are all here watching and willing to help. spreading the knowledge of Ubuntu may be all we/they can do when caught on the hamster wheel. I am personally determined to see this through! your call out will be answered as many want to know what to do. i am here to help!
Saturday 23 April 2016, 10:54:09
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