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is there a way to have like a friends list [...]

Molendinar, Queensland
via The Full Circle Project
is there a way to have like a friends list on FC? if not we should try get one so we can find each other easier
so excited it finally here, welcome to the new age…
Saturday 1 August 2015, 12:10:14
In Lak'ech
Saturday 1 August 2015, 12:13:55
Mat Dowle
Hi Grimace, a friends list is something I have considered and may well incorporate into the system soon. The reason I haven't so far is I was thinking we are all friends on here ;)
Saturday 1 August 2015, 20:22:03
i agree we are all friends here however i was thinking it might be easier to find people we know or connect with so communication could be easier and maybe form groups on certain topics of discussion and projects, just an idea, but i do think this webpage is great so far mate and im excited to see it take off :)
Sunday 2 August 2015, 01:30:51
be good to move away from FB
Sunday 2 August 2015, 01:32:08
also can you delete your posts if you wanna remove something you said and whats the likely hood paid trolls on here you think?
Sunday 2 August 2015, 02:10:24
were all friends here
Sunday 2 August 2015, 05:53:00
you know, you don't see the show 2 more comments and you think your the first to say it
Sunday 2 August 2015, 06:03:22
im just learning how to use it mate, i know we are all friends here, its only a simple question, why be condescending? c'mon peace
Sunday 2 August 2015, 09:22:39
Mat Dowle
working on delete and edit posts too... lot's of improvements coming soon.
Sunday 2 August 2015, 12:03:31
not at all, i meant i didn't see the show comments link that would have showed me that mat had already said it, because i thought i was the first to say
Sunday 2 August 2015, 12:06:35
tis all g In Lak'ech
Sunday 2 August 2015, 12:43:12
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