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What you need to know about the US financial system: [...]

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What you need to know about the US financial system:
This is actually the financial system of the globe, and no one on here is listening (including all the communities through this coeo platform). They believe they can still try to make the system work for them in playing politics. No one is fully awake to what is really going on and who they really are. Glad to see someone knows. UCC Contract Trusts is all we are and this system began in Great Britain before coming to the US.
Thursday 21 April 2016, 08:47:30
Here's what we really need to do.. this community began in 1968
Thursday 21 April 2016, 08:51:04
Love the post Kya, and I agree with you we need to build but first we need to elevate their consciousness ... thanks
Thursday 21 April 2016, 12:56:19
I've been trying. Started at the Full Circle Project, but that place just became a hate battle between activists doing the same thing this site is doing as well. You may post all you want. I still put things out there for those who are doing the work in raising their consciousness so we can connect with the same individuals. I believe we will become the leaders after the system collapses but not before then, as the majority has to wake up. Many are still not willing.
Friday 22 April 2016, 23:39:54
Welcome to the world of being a pioneer! Think of us as an infant growing, what we are doing will take time. Be patient my friend, they will awaken and when they do we will build something they will appreciate. Ya feel me ?
Saturday 23 April 2016, 02:57:15
I'm a healer, so am here to connect with Gaia to help her through this shift at this time. This is my major purpose of being here. I've started a website to help others heal themselves, as I have done for myself. This is the work I'm doing, and am only keeping an eye on Ubuntu because the concept is wonderful, just the execution is off. Although this is to be expected because nothing like this has been done in decades, possibly centuries. People just need to realize that politics is VERY young, and to live the way our true native ancestors did, has to be done outside of the system. The current system has to go away completely. This included Businesses (corporations), Politics, and Money. As long as we give our energy and attention to any of these, they will not go away. We are the change we want to see in this world and we are the ones we are waiting for. Only we can make these systems that were never built to work for us go away. I am also a starseed, and a very old soul. I am in contact with my higher self and spirit guides so I know what must be done. As the shift is currently moving forward, this is going to happen for US, the leaders/guides of the new earth, THIS year. We will be the first to be contacted by our star families to help guide the rest of humanity after the collapse of the matrix.
Saturday 23 April 2016, 22:41:36
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