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Re: Michael Tellinger post about money: This method can work. [...]

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Re: Michael Tellinger post about money: This method can work. The only thing I am concerned about, and he would say I am just complicating things, is that when several communities start making this work, the powers that be will send troops to close down these communities and kill or eliminate the leaders of same while striking fear into the rest of the populace. You can't keep something like this secret for long.
[deleted user]
I'm informed by someone in close encounters with Michael Tellinger, in Africa, that Michael is affected by a guru-bug. His remark on your complicating things is an example, not sure if he actually told you so, Jan B. It's reported that Michael has difficulty with those that try to discuss issues with him, feeling annoyed by it. He's losing his credibility, unfortunately. I'm not trying to bring him in a wrong shade of light, he's done remarkable research on the circular structures in that part of the world. Which are explained, in general, as stone fences for cattle and which, according to Michael, are supposed landing spots for spacecrafts of some sort, if I remember correctly.
Monday 18 April 2016, 21:34:41
I though that his suggested projects are brilliant! and even though i thought there was the possibility of the projects being in trouble once the Cabal realizes what was happening, We need to have more faith and use our collective conciseness to neutralize any negative energies around those projects. So I say to him go for it! I would love to start something similar
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 01:18:57
I would join Michael Tellinger if I'd be living in the same country.
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 18:34:35
I always enjoyed his movement, his ideas and his winnings with Banks there.
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 18:36:01
If you want to help - Jan B, please be helpful so to speak. I mean if we will stend up as a group, we will succeed. Losing monetary system is is imperative to making our goals as for example enjoying The Event. It would be best to make possible for everyone the construction of small portable free energy device. Free energy would mean for us to be independent of ALL institutions. Think about it. Larger amount of people has to be encouraged to think about it. And we in this online community of ours know well that there already are many disigns for sources of free energy. Let's make them PUBLIC.
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 18:42:01
Few months ago I watched this link in here. What happened to this invention?…
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 18:43:24
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