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Don't prepare for change " be the change " start [...]

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Don't prepare for change " be the change " start living in the 5th dimension Learn to do the Unity Breath Meditation which teaches you how to move into your heart and take it from me this is a very easy and a very powerful mediation. And once you have mastered this meditation and Once your in your Heat space Meditating Start sending pure love from your heart to every one of your brother and sisters and everything you are connected to on Mother earth and to the whole universe .
Be the change live the change.
I know now what I have to do to move forward and that is to stop searching and looking for more and more and more information about the cabal as this lowers a persons vibration when you could be spending your time on yourself lifting your own viabation
My teacher Drunvallo Melchizedek warns not to get side tracked as this would slow down or even delay a persons assentation.
See these 2 short videos by Bashar:
There are 1/50 VIDEOS go to 36 and 37 ( only covers half the book )
This book The Light shall set you free is a very powerful book it's knowledge was only known by the ascended masters which as now been past to us it will guide and give you all the answer and all the knowledge you need and its a very easy book to read, get the book and read it 5 or 6 times so you don't miss anything, this book was given to me by a complete stranger which indirectly came from Grandmother Ayahuasca whilst in Peru to a question that I was seeking an answer form her.
Love and light to you all Mr 9
Saturday 16 April 2016, 19:18:20
[deleted user]
There are so many roads that lead to Rome and maybe even more that lead from it. By that, I mean to say that for each of us there's a unique way to live and love from the heart. There's no need for a certain method or rule anymore, that's flying out of the window fast. I believe it belongs to our past, I dare to say here. Not meaning to debunk the Unity Breath though as in being a good way to enter the heart space, I'm familiar with Drunvalo and his teachings. He's a true heartmaster, as I see it.
Sunday 17 April 2016, 08:56:09
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