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Hello I just wanted to shout out to you all [...]

Sudbury, Ontario
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Hello I just wanted to shout out to you all and share some information on the polar shift that is occurring. My intention is to educate not scare anyone. There are many theories as to when and if this will occur. Doomsday theorists claim Nibirus gravitational pull will accelerate the flip August 28/16. On the far end of the spectrum geologists say it could be as late as 2099. To further compound this problem the flip will render magnetic protection from uv radiation void for a period of 3 months and the planet surface will be scorched and potentially uninhabitable up to 8 years along with flooding and environmental disaster. I would like to remain optimistic but not foolishly so. If the average world temperature goes above 4 C it would be catastrophic. We are almost to that point now...…
Nicholas E
Nibiru is a spaceship planet hopefully they will position themselves wisely
Friday 15 April 2016, 15:22:27
Chris K
There is a theory that our current planet is a result of the collision of planet X and a much smaller Terra and the course will repeat in time. There is a 1% chance of certainty 100 yrs from now however small. One thing for certain there is a gene in cats and humans not found anywhere else in the animal kingdom. We'd be fools to discount archaeological evidence that we are alone in the universe. Greater fools still to hope for the best and not prepare for the worst!
Saturday 16 April 2016, 14:04:45
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