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Tell us more about yourself? I am one of us [...]

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Tell us more about yourself?
I am one of us all. I need eat, poop, sleep and have you all. We all know everything from each other. There is nothing that I could feel that all of us could not feel too and there is nothing that I could possibly need that we all need just not at the same time.
If you would just calm down, quite your mind and pay attention to your own body. Thats the way to understand all our bodies. That sincereness is language of life and path of observe able truth ore basics of NVC.
“look at this , look at that , they are wrong and there for bad and we are right and....” - = baby just pie on it selfs and start cry, because babies can't talk.
Adult people can talk, but they talk nonsense, Instead of telling what we can observe, feel ore need, they blame, judge and gossip in order to give directions for others to act. We need to act based on what serves life not on some ones gossip.
Reason to do anything is not money ore because it is right thing to do, but because our deeds makes life more wonderful. Please do not sell that caring love for money.
Tell about your self = tell about your ego ;O)
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