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The End of All Evil by Jeremy Locke Never in all [...]

Wednesday 12 August 2015, 19:18:52
The End of All Evil by Jeremy Locke
Never in all of history have the elements been arrayed against
the evil manifest in tyranny and slavery as they are today.
The dreams that burn in the hearts of billions have been
growing stronger through the millennia.
The children of this world are owed a liberty from
slavery that few are able to comprehend.
This is the most exciting era in all of
human history; it is the dawn of the
freedom of mankind.
Eternal Mystery Unveiled
Thank you for posting such a beautiful and informative book (not to mention hard to come by). This definitely needs to be spread far and wide for "common sense" to actually become common once again.
Monday 14 September 2015, 07:46:24
Thank you ~ I looked for the book after hearing Mark talk about it but as stated it's a rare find... I'm looking forward to reading it.
Friday 18 September 2015, 14:45:36
Thanks Mat- looking forward to a good read .
Monday 19 October 2015, 19:41:45
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The End of All Evil

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