Sisterhood of the Rose

The purpose of this group is reactivation of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

It is intended that women and men with inner connection with the Goddess begin to gather in groups worldwide and serve as anchor points for the energy of divine feminine in this transitional time of the world liberation process and especially at the time of the Event.

It has been requested from the Light forces that at the time of the Event all Sisterhood of the Rose groups meet, meditate for a peaceful transition and invoke Goddess energies of Love and harmony.

Those groups represent the feminine aspect, whereas the Event Support groups represent the masculine aspect. Together they form PFC (Prepare For Change) groups as support for the planetary transition at the time of the Event.



Group Formation and Support

Creatryx has formed a new Discussion List to inspire creative leadership grounded in Goddess energy. This is specifically for people wishing to become a group leader in Sisterhood of The Rose, Event Support Groups or any other new society group. Topics of discussion include:

  • forming and sustaining groups
  • feedback from existing groups
  • seeking inspiration to implement divine leadership in our daily lives
  • feedback and support on COEO (Community Connector)
  • increasing our vibration

Please Join this private discussion support list to network here:!forum/creatryx

Sisterhood of the Rose
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