Integrative Wellness Journeys - Weekly Circle Work

Thursday 2 February 2017, 19:00:00 [America/Toronto]

The Beech House

118 Beech Street

Starts:Thursday 2 February 2017, 19:00:00 [America/Toronto]
Ends:Thursday 2 February 2017, 22:00:00 [America/Toronto]
Through the ages, humanity has grown through the bonds of community. Join us in reclaiming this Truth, as we convene in a co-ed fashion of the men's and women's wisdom circles of tradition, and awakening Joy as our birthright and natural compass to our highest excitement and well-being!

Modern society has swayed from the essence of human connection and the rhythms of nature, resulting in a pervasive isolation too often ignored, and halfheartedly filling our voids with consumerism and superficial digital relationships. On accepting this invitation you are called to materialize a new chapter of embodied power, leadership, presence, and realizing your unique gifts and purpose to co-create a more enlightened human civilization.

This weekly MeetUp serves to provide a safe and nurturing space for a small group of people to come together. We participate in an exchange of communal support and insight, to aid you in making breakthroughs past the obstacles holding you back from personal freedom, optimized health, honest relationships and spiritual communion between you and the Divine Self.


Be welcomed into a cozy lounge space greeted with the peaceful aromas of essential oils, or the earthy notes of Palo Santo. Be at ease, get grounded, here’s an opportunity to unwind from the seeming chaos and stress of daily life. After casual greetings, we’ll officially open our sharing circle into a grounding exercise or short meditation to help bring your awareness to the present moment, and heighten a connection into your inner-world. This is an important practice because much of our work ultimately comes down to uprooting our unconscious processes, in order to poignantly seize the reigns of our life.

Depending on the size and overall energy of the group, we may partake in a themed discussion or exercise aimed at giving you some practical tools or knowledge that you can implement in some arena of life, or to any particularly challenging circumstances. If we omit this part, we’ll jump into the sharing aspect and “CORE” of the evening, where each fellow neighbour takes a turn to share what’s active, hot and bubbling, challenging, or just share a point of contemplation you’re processing. This is where the space opens for you to go deep, explore, process, assimilate and expand! While this is your journey and you chose how far you go, you have the support of your peers, and guidance of the group facilitator to help you into and through meaningful personal transformation.

These Meets are for You,
....if you need to rise above feeling numb or stuck in your relationships, career and general life.
....if you feel like a victim to trauma or abusive situations and want out.
....if you struggle grappling with stress, anxiety or depression and need support.
....if you feel you just need to be heard.
....if you’re feeling lost about your life’s purpose and want guidance.
....if you’re feeling confused about your sexuality and relationships and want insight.
....if you need some direction about leading a healthier lifestyle.
....if you’re willing to show up for yourself and explore your feelings.
....if you agree to hold equal space with others, not take personally how others feel, and be a supportive mirror for others.
....if you’re feeling something needs to shift in your life and you are ready to make some change!

-- What you share in the group stays within the group.
-- This group is not tied to any religious or spiritual denominations, all are welcome.
-- Refreshments will be provided and whole-food organic snacks will usually be served. If any anaphylactic allergy is a problem please notify in advance!
-- Group fee of $10 helps facilitator with MeetUp operating costs and supporting future work.

As a courtesy, it is appreciated if you send me a message before your first time coming out, just to share a little about your particular circumstances worth knowing before joining a group that will share personal vulnerabilities. We can have a hello over the phone or even a tea in person to become acquainted, before you join us in the group format.

In Light, Grace and Fortitude... blessings on your Path!
Looking forward to co-journeying with you.


For over a decade, Joel has been experiencing the world of personal and social development through the lenses of social work, mental health, holistic health, Iridology, mind-body psychology, energy medicine, wholefood nutrition, urban agriculture, studied numerous theologies, alongside mindfulness practices, contemplation, and accessing Intuition. This broad-spectrum perspective of the human blueprint teaches the common threads that connect us all, and supports individualized remedy to the bio-psycho-social needs and diversity of all people.
As an ardent seeker of Truth, Joel’s passion is tapping into source-consciousness for navigating through the roots of life’s challenges, experiencing Joy, and guiding others into living their lives embodying their most authentic Self. The solution for world-peace, is for all to connect to the peace within. Let me be your guide through the inevitable darkness lurking before arriving at the power of your Heart.
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