Healing Yaldabaoth

Thursday 26 May 2016, 17:00:00 [UTC]

Global Event

Starts:Thursday 26 May 2016, 17:00:00 [UTC]
Ends:Thursday 29 December 2016, 17:00:00 [UTC]

We do this meditation each Thursday at 5 pm GMT (equivalent to 17:00 UTC). The date above cannot be changed anymore, so also do this meditation any time you are guided to.

We can help the Light forces in healing the plasma entity called Yaldabaoth by ancient gnostics, which is according to Cobra the main reason which prevents the Event to happen.

This plasma entity is sustained through plasma accretion vortex which accumulates all cosmic anomaly compressing it within plasma energy field arround the planet Earth. It is called also the "octopus" and his tentacles reach throughout the entire Solar system and is tied to the toplet bombs. It is maintained by the plasma implants, which every human carries in his energy body.

This anomalous plasma structure is feed by all negativity happening on the planet and by all negative archon's technology and is actually preventing the Light to come through.

There are simple techniques we can do to heal Yaldabaoth.

* First, you can do your conscious detachment from that entity with the power of your I AM presence. Simply visualize symbol 8 in violet color on golden background. In lower circle visualize yourself, your I AM presence, in upper circle Yaldabaoth. Let the energy flow throughout the eight symbol in a clockwise direction for some minutes. At the end of the meditation you call upon the archangel Michael to cut the eight in the middle with his sword.

* Second, visualize a bright, iridescent sparks, starlets or stardust streaming from above throughout the entire plasma field, through the Yaldabaoth entity, disintegrating all that condensed anomaly/negativity and healing it. Keep holding that visualization for some minutes.

* Third, you can do some implant removal healing techniques.

* Fourth, use your Cintamanis to enhance the power of your intention to heal this entity.

* Fifth, do the Goddess vortex http://2012portal.blogspot.si/2013/03/goddessvortex-goddessvortex-is-ultimate.html

The spiral of the goddess vortex is actually the torus… I will not go into much technicality right here because this will need much more time. But basically it is natural form which heals the space/time anomaly. It is the correction mechanism for the anomaly. It corrects it and aligns it with source. It is the basic principle to which all the plasma and anomaly and all other anomaly is being healed throughout the universe, especially on this planet because it is the focal point for different dimensions as much awareness of goddess principle as possible needs to be here. This is the main reason why this was suppressed because it is the key to heal the anomaly on the planetary scale and on the cosmic scale. (Cobra April/May interview)

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