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Prepare for Change New Zealand is part of a world wide organisation operating within the Prepare For Change network. It is a grass roots collaboration of ordinary people who are very "aware" of the massive changes that our planet is undergoing right now. These changes are imminent and will have significant impact on people's lives. Related to this is the very steep learning curve of understanding required to assimilate the changes into our lives. Prepare for Change New Zealand have several sites of presence on the internet including this page here on coeo.cc and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1553309978239503/ We have a website for the general public http://www.prepareforchangenz.org/ as well as a google+ page which can also be used for public information and comment http://google.com/+PrepareforchangenzOrg We also have a private google+ community where we prepare documents for release to the wider community. You can make a request to join the community. You will need a gmail account to join this community. https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/101511327512170414017 We have listed at the site below as well. This is a community connector directory which enables you to list your location. As others do so you can form your own communities as required http://www.coeo.cc/directory/prepare-for-change-new-zealand/ We also have this discussion forum where people can discuss relevant issues using a forum based tool rather than Facebook or Google http://prepareforchange.freeforums.net/thread/10/prepare-change-new-zealand Those that are interested are most welcome to join us on any of the above sites. We look to the joining in love Contact: prepareforchangenz@gmail.com This is our administrator on this website: Mintakanman http://prepareforchange.coeo.cc/profile/3033/

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