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I am calling out to all who wish to make a difference. Now is the time to motive ourselves. Now is the time to gather our courage and step into the public arena. We need skilled workers of all kinds. There is no single individual that does not have the power to shape our world. So if you want to help, if you want to move forward and into action then do NOT hesitate. You are the answer. You are the change happening in our world, and we must come together. Once this group has gained enough members, I will host a ceremony where we can gather and rejoice in our newfound purpose. From there we will start our own grassroots movement and spread truth to every soul that will hear us out. People are awakening, they need us to aid them now more than ever as we step onto this bridge to bring us into the Light. No matter what you decide; to leap into action or to hold the space for us know that you will always be the answer. You hold a piece of all that is inside your heart of hearts and you will never again be left behind in the darkness. Blessings to all above, below, and within. M. Rose

Scope: Regional (within United States)
Address:Portland, OR

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