Personal growth community, local-regional

The future is local worker-owned business, local intentional communities and ecovillages and regional education venues. Holistic Learning Centers are transitional to this, venues and networks offering live, face-to-face opportunities for personal growth, where Cultural Creatives can meet each other, grow, form connections, bonds and new companies. Two sites http://CentersGathering.org/ and http://gen.ecovillage.org/ are two of very few sites converging venues so they can share Best Practices and not re-invent the wheel. Personal Growth Network in Boston, MA http://www.meetup.com/Personal-Growth-Network/?scroll=true is perhaps a template for what can be replicated elsewhere. We're doing our part here http://www.smhas.com/Campus-Classes/ We're all creating the future. We may as well get good at it.

Scope: Local (within United States)

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